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Brionna 2022-07-16 23:40:54

I feel that Dr. Hu is really messing up more and more. I still have a very high acceptance ability for Ma Mian 11, but I can only ignore the magic and other screenwriters of his era.
I just saw the all-purpose three-piece set:
time can be rewritten,
cyberman can be upgraded,
i'll explain it later. Hahahaha,
this is really the all-purpose patch for the new generation of screenwriters' brains, haha, in this way, all the mess can be The explanation is successful: let's not talk about the
seventh episode, a leaf saves the world... (Hey, who are you, clara...)
In the twelfth episode, what kind of cyberman planner is Dr. Hu playing with? I think such literature and art are things that cyberman did. ! In the end, he was able to successfully resist the cyberman invasion. Isn't the upgrade of cyberman weak!
There's also the episode of T's Mother (XXX Three Brothers), such a good material is really a god's development in the end, hehe, won't the heart of T's mother be purified or something? It doesn't matter if you watch it together! (Then Dr. Hu's three famous words came again...)
BTW, I really still don't understand rewriting, it works for a while but not for a while, screenwriter, please make fun of me: the fifth episode is that the RORY couple ran out of a paradox for a while , it can be rewritten for a while, and then it becomes a fixed point, so Song He can always go to see him. . . Magic, don't you feel distressed when you see so many RTDs! ! ! ! ! ! !
...and Song Ma, who has never complained, to be honest, I don't like it very much (non-appearance party), because I like rose tyler very much, and I was immersed in the lonely snow of ten generations and watched the rose in 2005 a second. In the next second, Dr. Hu and Song He had a hot fight. This feeling was like a warm farewell to RTD from Magic, ah, point Bilian! (...sorry for personal preference)
After all, I still don't like Magic. His era clearly drew a clear line with RTD. Whether it's the doctor or the doctor's friends, they are all completely new. They are two completely different people. It feels like a rupture between the two eras. So ruthless and unprepared. In terms of plot, RTD is to connect the plot in small details (such as wolf, donna), magic special likes grand and big things (...time can be rewritten - open hanging artifact), hehe - s01e08, because rose arbitrarily changed the time The line causes the collapse of time - slap in the face!

And the centurion waiting for a thousand years. Actually, I think this paragraph is ridiculous.
You see, in 701, they were in trouble because of having children (…) After thousands of years of isolation, there were no children to grind people.
There are also various reasons for being speechless about Moffat's emotional line, so there is no tears in the Rory couple.

Ah, ah, finally, I want to talk about clara, and by the way, Song He, I think they both have something in common - symbolization, clara is a soufflé, and Song He is a catwoman (?), both of them love to say Jin The sentence "you clever boy..."...clara is actually pretty, but she finds it boring, her eyes are wide and her mouth is pouting, so I don't even have a point to complain about her.
...well that's it
I don't know how much crap I said

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