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Eloy 2022-09-02 06:59:56

The first 5 episodes are omitted, basically, the magic era can be passed~

I started vomiting from the 6th episode.

The feelings of the 11th are very complicated. Well, with RTD's pearls in front, the days of magic special are indeed more difficult, but you can't buy dog ​​meat with sheep's heads! At the beginning, the upload or download bridge was outdated, and we knew that at the end, it must be a happy ending. And don't click also pays homage to don't blink too much, but it would be better without such a foreshadowing.
11 should be a little curiosity + a little guilt + a little love for oswin. I didn't say that such a setting is bad, but with the emotional foreshadowing of RoseTylerMarthaJonesDonnaNoble, who had erupted like a volcano before, 11th is like a baby boy who is not angry~
Remember, Adventure is not daily life. It 's a pity to abandon the tasteless food in

episode 7 . Magical wants to convey to a broad audience the idea that every human being is unique in the universe. But Mutter delivered the idea in absolutely the worst possible way: brainwashing direct indoctrination. In this episode, except for the slightly bright spots of Doctor's Speech, the whole story has no creativity. A monster needs sacrifice, and the unknown people sacrifice children (or should they be more sloppy) to save the children. . . Forget it, I'm so lazy, I'm too lazy to complain~~~

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