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I like the Pond couple every day, Oswin is Clara, right? Or is it that Jenna is just making a cameo and has nothing to do with Clara? But Blind Guess appearing in the same season shouldn't be just a cameo. Dr. is really full of love.


Triceratops are kind of cute hhh, when he was killed by soloman, the doctor looked at him and knew that he was going to die. Rory's dad is Weasley! Well, it turns out that Rory is also from the Weasleys hahahaha (bushi


A little bit of everything is fate but with a tone of hope. A doctor can't get rid of the past, and a doctor can't get rid of his sense of morality. In fact, it's like being pushed by fate step by step and has no choice. But in the end, fate sends you a light, whether it is a new person or a changed person, and let you see hope. Candied dates and slaps will probably coexist forever.


"That's just a small part of the ocean, and the universe is forever expanding, remaking, and annihilating, and even every millisecond is different. Amy, there is so much to see, because the world is changing rapidly, and I am not running away from anything, I am To run to them, before they are short-lived and gone forever. It doesn't matter, our life trajectories are different and can't be the same. One day, maybe in the near future, you will stop, I already understand. "

Yeah, the Doctor had long figured out that sooner or later the Ponds would let go of their adventures with him. I don’t think he actually dared to hope that the life of the three of them would last long. The loneliness and adventures of Dr. Rose, Matha, Donna… are probably all destined (hold the sword high! Or, if River didn’t assassinate 11, no need It would be great to use up the power of rebirth to save him, without the farewell of the library).

"You came here and put 'insecticides' all over the earth, doing it deliberately for fun, so that humans could collect them and hope to find good things in them, because that's who they are, the race of hope, Instead of pests or plagues, they are constantly exploring and innovating, and they will continue to make mistakes, but no one is perfect, and every creature will make mistakes. Even so, they are learning and striving for greater success, and they are also did it.”

The doctor doesn't love himself, but he loves human beings very much, but as a human being, I am increasingly questioning whether human beings are worthy of his love. Fortunately, his travel companions are all very good human beings, and he almost never disappoints him. I hope I deserve it too.


I was caught off guard, I was still joking about the dying detective, this Sherlock Holmes Terrier, still happily nibbling on the candy sprinkled by Dr. and River, and still envious of the Pond couple's persistence, and then? ? ? closed.

But there is no such thing as a banquet in the world. But don't feel alone, Doctor, because you're never alone.

"Why lie to me?" "When someone falls in love with an immortal god whose youth is eternal, that person can only find ways to hide their injuries."

"Well, why are you lying to him?" "Never let him see you hurt, and never let him see you old. He doesn't like the end."

But everything in the world has an end.

I don't know since when I stopped expecting time to freeze in a beautiful moment, because it is still, immobile, and lifeless. Even if it is lost, even if it is painful, even if it will eventually leave, but under the witness of time, at least we have lived a fresh life.

I really like Eleven and Song Jiang's cookies!

Supplement: This is probably the end of the story of the Pond couple. They like Amy, a hot-tempered red-haired girl, and Rory, the centurion who likes to wait for Amy for two thousand years (here I complain about myself: I said that my favorite girlfriend is Rose, but it is not which one. I love them all, sometimes I feel like a big pig's hoof), and Rory's Weasley's old father, Brain, and Donna's grandfather are all very good elders.


This operation of uploading and downloading people should be related to the episode of the library. After watching the snowman, I still don't have any special feelings for Clara, so let's take a look. Miss the Ponds.


"Come on, take mine, take my memory, but I hope your appetite is big enough, because I've lived a long time and seen a lot. I've pulled away from the last time war, and I've witnessed The demise of the time lord, I have seen the birth of the universe, and I am used to seeing the flow of time, moment after moment, until there is nothing left: no time, no space, only me. I have walked in a universe like that, and the laws of physics in it are all Conceived by a madman; I've seen the universe freeze, creations burn, I've seen things you can't believe, I've lost things you'll never understand. I also know the secrets, the secrets that can never be revealed, the forever Untold knowledge—knowledge enough to scorch parasitic gods. So come on, take it, take it all baby!"

The Doctor burst into tears when he said this.

"Wake up, let the cloak of life cover your bones, wake up."

These two are just koalas, hahahahahahahaha, two cute little ones!


Clara looks so good when she goes to negotiate! I'm a little tired of watching this episode so far.


The psychic in this episode is an actress who played Melrose and Melrose's cheating object. She is really super beautiful. This episode is indeed quite scary. I don't have a special fondness for Clara at the moment. I'm still more curious about why she is a Dalek, I am looking forward to the plot of Uncle Twelve.


This episode of Clara's hair is so beautiful, but I still don't understand the issue of her life experience. The time crack is a little confusing. When will I see the plot of Cyber ​​11, I want to watch it.


The name Meihong Horror sounds a bit scary, the script written for the prompt, the scene of leech and human symbiosis started to scare me hhhhh, Jenny is also a strong martial artist!


Neil Gaiman also wrote this episode, Dr. Cyber ​​is ruthless and cute, and a little bit of Clara's beauty.


Little 11×River kill me! ! ! This goodbye made me cry again. My sister told me that Lizard sister and Jenny are a couple, so loving. Doctor's mates and friends, they are so wonderful.

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