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e01 Clara? ? Exquisite single episode and multiple connections to the main line e02 CC Lizardman ark, team e03 is engaged in metaphor with doc here. 1200 doc e04 CC Prof Brian Cox! What a surprise to meet you! wow this episode is well written by cc, Ponds is back after the foreshadowing of the first three episodes? It feels like a flag, scared. someone left me, someone left behind, someone dies. e05 Time can be rewritten, not once you've read it. WHY? whyyyyyy??!?!? How is it fixed? How come the river can see Amy, but the doctor can't? Just river can go to Amy can't come? ? Don't blame us for greeting you, moffat! It's a twist-and-turn mentality roller coaster that takes off and crashes directly. e06 Are you guarding me? will yes, yes I'm. Clara is smart? Aliens, messy technology, extra memory! Is it that stable? You can still complain without being stunned (flirt) e07 The highlight is the last speech, and the little girl's singing is too beautiful and too beautiful. e08 has done a good job of writing this episode of cold war e09 mg. It is a horror with a warm comedy, which is his handwriting ~ (Crazy City) e10 finally saw the swimming pool! And a library that shows off, are those bottles and jars of "memory"? Why put it so unprotected. I hope there will be an episode of Tardis One-Day Tour in the future. Don't waste the infinite space. This episode is about rewriting time. The time lord racial advantage will keep the memory forever? Seems like there hasn't been a doc losing memory because of time wibbly-vobbly timey-winey? By the way, it was said at the beginning that Clara was rescued to Tardis, either the screenwriter arranged it for the sake of the plot, or the doc was cut off... 10th is still more upright e11 11th is really fun ah hahaha flashback to that style is good e12 neil wrote the cyber doc so it's always seen in the fanart and said it's because of the main line, it's just because it's handsome ;p e13 Such as! fruit! This! What! untie! release! of! talk! Why does Clara call doc to save him in asylum? Clara is to save the doc from being broken into pieces, and it is impossible to hurt the doc. Also, isn't that snowman Christmas special on paradox? And every doc is killed by G. Shouldn't Clara appear in every story? ? It's totally unreliable, right?

By the way, I cried to death with the river, God, be nice to the river, let's be a man of magic! echo? Don't echo! AI! Is it bad to set it to AI?

It would hurt too much.

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ps: There is a historical basis to say that the 13th cut black

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  • Daleks: Doctor who? Doctor who?

    The Doctor: Fellows, you're never going to stop asking.

  • Dalek: Save us. Save us.

    The Doctor: What?

    Daleks: Save the Daleks! Save the Daleks! Save the Daleks! Save the Daleks! Save the Daleks!

    The Doctor: This is new!