Fans of Weeping Angels? Dissatisfied!

Michele 2022-10-07 17:15:39

I came here following the angel... I don't think it's much... But I'm really disappointed...

Ming Ming's first appearance is really amazing. It's classical beauty to hide your face and cry in a decadent garden, and the ferocious face flashing in the old building in the rain is the coolness of a cult movie. The combination of the two has a wonderful violent aesthetics, which sounds a bit like Japanese Noh style of art. But then the first time he spoke was funny, and when he talked later, he would even laugh at people, which made people think... What kind of cosmic bitches are these? ? The ultimate life form, complex energy conversion, just to realize such a low-level evil taste? ? ? It's like the person in the high-cold route finally spoke up. You found that it not only has an unpleasant accent, but also likes yellow jokes and jokes about being stupid! ! Later, it was simply a tool. Can you watch the screenwriter and have the final say, whether the paradox is useful or not? The screenwriter has the final say. Sending bento for sensationalism? ? Each life has its own existence, but in order to highlight the human sensibility, the expression of human narcissism, like the most precious existence of human emotional function, really reduces the sci-fi charm of sci-fi works! ! !

I always thought that magic is to deconstruct history, and science fiction is to deconstruct the future. Everything stems from our current cognition and thinking of human nature, but if we can't escape, no matter how fashionable sci-fi settings are, it will make people feel old-fashioned, no matter how magnificent the fantasy imagery. It can also make you feel boring.

Weeping Angel has completely reduced to a cosmic monster that can only scare people, which is really a pity.

In addition, the elegant nickname of "Lonely Assassin" will only be sand sculptures when it is mass-produced or even gigantic in the next year... Creatures with this characteristic do not need to stick to the number and size to win. This survival strategy! An angel alone can maximize its combat power. It is really speechless to see the form of cosmic bastards and Godzilla behind it. ?

The only person in the world who loves me sacrifices for me, and the stone statue can come back to life, but when he wakes up, the person who loves me has left, maybe the crying angel is just born out of the song of the stone statue.

...and what is quantum lock ... the punk version of the song of the stone statue, the old tune and the new song are not well done, the lonely life and existence is the core of the crying angel ...

Alas, I have been alone for a long time, and the stone statues look like they can be powdered.

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