sharp epic poem

Marilie 2022-07-14 19:37:19

The girl was born with memories of historical pain. The village was barren and desolate. On the dry land, the villagers sang and danced with joy and laughter, escaping reality and history. She became a sad breast patient in the villagers' mouths. She knew that she was right, even if she was alone.

She was going to work at the white lady's house and dress up for her. The deceased master was once a soldier who trampled on the village.

The hypocritical and calculating lady copied her ballad, got applause, and drove away the girl who knew the truth, although the girl just wanted to get the pearl she had promised.

Her skin was as dark as fresh earth, shy and melancholy, and there was a potato sprouting in her body.
A kind gardener just sprinkles some soil and water, and the white flowers bloom.

Those dark-skinned brides peeled potatoes at their weddings, have you ever thought the potatoes were going to bloom?

The female director is dignified, simple, fresh, and the colors are beautiful.
The heroine is very beautiful. At first glance, she looks like a girl from the village. She is a bit like my cousin. No matter where you are, people are similar.

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