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e03 is so puzzling to me! I can't keep up with the character's emotional trends and thoughts at all! I thought I could be fooled by the cool and handsome skin in a western denim outfit (I was so excited by the trailer at the end of the last episode...)!

A cowboy who is tirelessly chasing down his nemesis through space. At first I thought this was a malfunctioning AI, and I made up a bunch of ethical feuds between it and the doctor. . It turned out to be just a Robocop. . .

About the merits and demerits of Dr. Jex:
The computer display of the spacecraft: Dr. Kahler Jex profile -- drop-down menu: List of deceased subjects
From here, the doctor knows that this doctor has done experiments, and the experimental results are based on the bones of the experimental subjects. .
What is the result of the experiment? "The Musketeer is a cyborg, half human, half machine, a weapon. Made by Jex."
And where did the subjects come from? "He and the team recruited volunteers, saying that they were selected for special training, and then they were used for experiments." That is to say, using deceit, without fully informing the subjects of the research content and the other party's involuntary conduct dangerously A very sexual experiment. Many people died like this.
And what happened to the soldiers who were successfully transformed? "The body and the weapon are fused, and programmed into a killing machine." To what extent the so-called fusion is related to the ethical issue of cyborgs: Are they soldiers enhanced by high technology or deprived of their personality , The objectified victim? What is the state of their consciousness that is controlled by the program to fight? If the control program is lifted, do they remember who they are, and do they still have a full personality?
In short, this new weapon is very powerful. "Our army annihilated the enemy army and ended the war in less than a week." It's just that this victory was built on the sacrifice of many of my own people. Even they are not voluntary.
"After the war, we abandoned the cyborgs." How? destroy? Or put it in a warehouse?
If our country is caught in a protracted war, and then say that in order to make weapons to completely defeat the enemy, someone needs to voluntarily sacrifice their lives for the righteousness of the nation, they may die or they may survive and become a killing machine, in any case, this is a road of no return, it sounds very It is tragic and the point is to be voluntary. The feeling of "being a martyr". . . strange. And what if the martyr himself wanted revenge on the patriotic scientist? How to do?
It's strange that these scientists were all killed without doing anything. The war is over! Aren't they heroes! The hero was killed! Attacked by crazy weapons! No one cares about it! Also desperate to come to the earth!

Let's talk about KahlerTek, our cool and handsome space cowboy, he is always silent, his motives and background are for us to guess, and it is very difficult to guess. His country is at war, it is not clear whether he volunteered to participate in the army or a scientific experiment, we do not know whether he has the consciousness of dedicating his life to the country, but the experiment was carried out without telling him. When he discovered that he was already a weapon monster implanted with tracking, locking, and attacking programs. But it was the many humanoids like him that ended wars and brought peace. If he is willing, he has the perfect self-sacrificing hero image. Too bad he didn't do it voluntarily, he was a victim. He decides to take revenge by killing the scientists who obliterated his life and altered his body without consent. Although it's a bit off the beaten track, let's see how he gets his revenge.
He pursued them with ruthless determination, one by one, and neither the government nor the military seemed to be able to stop him or protect the scientists, forcing them to flee their planet. But when Dr. Jex hid in the crowd, his procedure didn't allow him to kill innocent people, so he had to find a way to get Jex out of the crowd so that he could blow his head off. Jex refused to come out, so he forced people to kick him out. There are so many ways to kill a person, he just waits there, fighting with the villagers. Can't he entrust someone in town to kill the doctor? The siege of the city has already caused injustice to the entire town's residents, why should he insist on face-to-face confrontation instead of assassination?

About Dr. Jex's emotions:
He was probably the kind of person who would do it even if his hands were bloodied in order to end the war! The philosophical discussion of killing one person to save a hundred people and killing a hundred people to save ten thousand people has been going on, and I don't think we can definitively say whether Dr. Jex is a hero or a war criminal. As for himself, he can only admit that he has taken many lives, but thinks he has to do it. What is he going to do with himself like this? Maybe it's long overdue. Or plan to make more contributions with the rest of your life? What is his attitude towards the vengeful robot? It was the life he murdered, the work of his life, the sword with which he brought peace. And then the complex is going to kill him and pay him with his life for taking his life to victory. Why did doctor jex run away? . Even if he didn't have a high consciousness and wanted to live, so he ran away, how could he be so educated after meeting the doctor that he was about to blow himself up! What kind of change is this! He suddenly became very concerned about the cowboy's hometown, why didn't he communicate before!

The most messed up doctor, I don't even want to analyze it. . . When he discovered the plight of the small town, it was no problem to help the doctor, and it was a good relationship. When he ran into the spaceship and found that the doctor was a scientist who used inhumane methods in the war, he was immediately filled with anger. This is why. . . No one is killed in a war. . . I know that the doctor may be angry about the soldiers who were sacrificed for experimenting human transformation without the knowledge of the volunteers, but should the doctor deserve to die? . It can be said that he did not cause harm to others for his despicable personal desires, and even had the consciousness of stepping into hell. The doctor's emotional reversal! When he went back, he started angrily crusade against the doctor, and then the two of them stayed for a night without saying a few words and then understood each other. . . They stopped the people in the town from letting them pass. . . Later, it was too bad to solve the cowboy incident. A few people painted totems on their faces and let the cowboys turn around. If they were not careful, they would die! Is this all for the doctor to sneak out and go home! Then why did you fly out in the first place? Did the doctor decide to blow himself up only when he ran into the spaceship, otherwise wouldn't there be nothing wrong with committing suicide early? The cowboy suddenly decided to protect the peace of the town. What the hell is it? There is no psychological activity at all! Doctor, are you Yan Ling?

I. . . My head hurts thinking about it. . . . .

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