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Zachery 2022-09-11 04:41:35

I don't know how to say it, but I only started watching doctor who this year. When I first saw Uncle 9, I felt that this doctor was domineering enough. He walked around in a leather coat. For so many years, he didn't touch a single weed (or did it touch it and was thrown into outer space? Haha). At the end of the first season, I really think Uncle 9 and Rose are good together. It's good to have an older one to take care of me, even though this guy is hundreds of years old. . .

At the beginning, when Little 10 came out, it was a little unacceptable. I couldn't count, but I felt something strange, but I watched slowly and saw that the relationship between 10 and Rose gradually warmed up. Every time I encountered a problem, 10 frowned and thought. Thinking, suddenly yelled "O~~, this''s brilliant! blablabla~~~" I don't know if Rose understands it, anyway, I don't understand it very well, and then she will be very happy" what i can do..." When I saw this, it seemed like a young couple, I thought it would go on like this forever. . .

Blame me for being naive, thinking that Magic was a good guy. Later, I thought that for various reasons, the two separated, and in different time and space, there was no possibility of seeing each other again. Rose's "i love u" really made me cry. I don't understand, I thought this was the saddest thing).

Later, 2 assistants came to 10. The sisters who liked them both forgive me, but I don't like them too much. If I really want to say the reason, it's because I don't fit my eyes. The place in my heart is irreplaceable.

Later, rose came to 10's side, the two met, and there was another 10's replica, rose and the 10's hand was converted into themselves together. Wikipedia says that Rose got the best ending and D got the worst ending. In fact, I want to say, the worst ending is 10, okay? Rose has a 10 to match her, one with only one heart, a half human, and a 10 who will accompany her when she grows old. Rose will marry that 10, so what about this 10? Or can only be with your own sexy girl, a borrowed, blue, new, old.
Little 11 is reborn, and this is a completely different doctor from 10. He is lively, mischievous, and likes to be complimented by tardis.

s5e1 is currently the most rewatched episode I've ever watched.
Dr. Raggedy. Little Amy's fantasy friend.
Not to mention the plot. Speaking of which, at first, I wanted Xiao 11 and Amy to be together, but they looked comfortable. When I met our sister Song later, I knew I was wrong. What's more interesting than watching Xiao 11 be at a loss for her petty flirting? I thought I was wrong about Magic, what a beautiful picture of the father-in-law and the young couple~~

Unfortunately, I was wrong again.
Timeline of the river.
I looked at you, full of joy, called "sweetie", you looked at me blankly, there was no smile in your eyes, only vigilance. I don't want to believe it, but I have to admit that there is no future, this is my farewell. However, you will meet me in the future, get to know me slowly, get to know me, ask loudly who you are, and be hurt by the young me without any defense. . . Your future, my past. . . good bay, sweetie. . .
Okay, I'm brainstorming. . .
The video of the river timeline that I watched on Weibo before, I really want to kill the magic special. . . But such a beautiful feeling makes me love him to death. . . .

Not too cold for Clara, except I think she's cute. . . Willing to sacrifice for Dr., not much love. . . I am a dedicated person. . . rose occupies my whole heart. . . And river.
Alright, let’s write so much first, I’ll focus on academics recently, and continue writing when I have time.

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