Although Doctor Who's episodes were terrifying, I was completely spoiled by episode 5 of season 7!

Hosea 2022-09-30 14:33:06

Did the love between Doctor and Rose make me cry [because I watched Xiao Shi first...], did the love and murder of Doctor and Master make me cry [because I am a Jack party! ], even the pepper pot forgot the true love of the Doctor, so it made me cry completely; only in the episode of Van Gogh I found that my tears began to drop, and finally it was the ending of the Pond couple, my favorite pair of CPs The ending of killing people without paying for their lives really stabbed me to tears. . .
Amelia Pond, the little girl who has been waiting.
Rory Williams, the last centurion
who's been waiting for a thousand years! It's because of the Ponds that after so many seasons it feels like the Doctor finally has a family. It is precisely because of this happy family that Xiao Eleven feels more and more pleasing to the eye. I thought that the Doctor would visit until their natural death, but the damn magician just zoomed in! The Doctor's sentence "I will never be able to see you again." made me cry! Even the dead man I watched for three seasons couldn't bear the Pond couple. The poor Doctor was abused into a dog! Writer, we Can you come to talk about life, you obviously have wrong logic! [It is said that Doctor Who was seen by a child!]
Finally, I cried for the inscription that appeared on the tombstone! It's not Pond, but it's Williams What about I am Rory's Queen!

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Asylum of the Daleks quotes

  • Darla: The asylum. It occupies the entire planet, right to the core.

    The Doctor: How many Daleks are in there?

    Darla: A count has not been made. Millions, certainly.

    The Doctor: All still alive?

    Darla: It has to be assumed. The asylum is fully automated. Supervision is not required.

    Amy Pond: Armed?

    Darla: The Daleks are always armed.

    Rory Williams: What colour?

    [they look at Rory]

    Rory Williams: Sorry, there weren't any good questions left.

  • Oswin: [her first lines] Day 363. The terror continues. Also, made another soufflé.

    [takes badly burned soufflé out of the oven]

    Oswin: Very nearly.