To Amelia Pond and Rory Williams

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When looking for the file, I saw what I wrote in 13 years, and dropped the w


- to Amelia Pond and Rory Williams (from the BBC series 'Doctor Who')

In fact, it was more than half a year ago that Amy and Rory left , The Doctor Who episode of 7x05 has never been dared to rewatch, I was afraid that I couldn't help crying again.

However, I have always wanted to write something about this BG (huh XD?) that I rarely like.

Amy is the first female companion after Dr. 11th rebirth, and she is the girl who was waiting. She has waited for the Doctor for twelve years, and the Doctor is her belief. So even, the day before her wedding, she desperately traveled with the Doctor to time and space.

But that doesn't mean she doesn't love Rory.

Rory Williams, Amy's childhood sweetheart and fiancé, was basically eaten by Amy. He is a bullied character. When the fifth season first appeared, the audience even had the illusion that he was a cannon fodder, thinking that he might be like Mickey, and his girlfriend left him for the Doctor. However, under the seemingly cowardly appearance, incredible decisions are always made at critical moments.

Amy's heart is really revealed in 5x07, which must be chosen between the two worlds is Amy in the real world, after Rory died in one of the worlds, he firmly refused that which is the reality. She was so sure it was a dream, and when the Doctor asked why, she replied, "Because if this is real I don't want it. I don't want it." The
Doctor asked her if she was sure? Because if you choose the wrong one, everyone will die. Without hesitation, "This can't be the real world, because Rory isn't there, I just want him." If Rory isn't in his own world, there's no need to survive.

Their love is not easy at all.

Rory's existence was completely erased from the universe (5x09) because of falling into the time rift, since then Rory Williams never existed, and Amy also forgot about this person. Rory (5x13), who was accidentally resurrected into a plastic man, faced his beloved girl, Amy, who didn't know him. In addition to being heartbroken, he killed Amy with his own hands because he was being controlled. His grief could not be vented. So when the Doctor who was supposed to be locked up appeared in front of him and said that Amy is still saved, but saving the universe is more important, "Your girlfriend isn't more important than the whole universe", Rory hit the Doctor hard and growled "She is to me!" Then, he guarded Amy's inner healing box for two thousand years.

"Oh Rory, my Rory." At the end of the

fifth season, the two finally got married successfully. After the sixth season, Amy was accidentally left in another space on a planet. After waiting for thirty-six years, she was numb. To Rory who came looking for her, I'm getting old? What do you think will happen? Rory said, "I don't care about you getting old, what I care about is that we can't grow old together." After making men all over the world become scumbags (XD), at the beginning of the seventh season, they ushered in the situation that they were facing divorce.
Rory doesn't understand. He has been waiting for Amy for two thousand years. He doesn't understand why Amy would bear to divorce. However, the fact is that Amy was unable to have children after the Devil Run battle (6x07), she knew that Rory likes children the most, so this became her heart knot. So she thought she couldn't let Rory lose the chance to be a father for herself, and reluctantly drove him away. Sometimes love is so sensible and so irrational, Amy said to Rory, "You've been waiting for me for two thousand years outside the box, and it's nothing compared to when I gave up on you."

"She can always hear me. Wherever she is , she always knows that I am coming for her.”

God probably likes to give the two people in love all kinds of twists and turns (or the screenwriter's bad taste), when the two finally got together happily, Rory was taken to the past by the crying angel (7x05), Amy and Doctor sat in a time machine to find With the help of the Doctor, the two escaped to the rooftop, but found that jumping off the building to commit suicide to create a time paradox was the best way to eliminate the Weeping Angel. So the usually timid Rory shivered and climbed up the dead end, "To save you, I could do anything." He put her hand on his chest, as if waiting for the other party's permission before leaving with confidence. However, she jumped onto the rooftop and wrapped his wrist around her waist...

"It's called marriage." She jumped

without hesitation.

After creating the time paradox, the two managed to escape the danger. Just when everyone thought they would be reunited, the joking screenwriter brought Rory back to the past again. Amy knew that the only way to meet Rory again was for her to go back in time too. Despite this representation, she will create a time point where she will never see the Doctor. That belief she had waited for twelve years. At the Doctor's begging, Amy made up his mind.

Yes, maybe the Doctor can take her to every place on the map, and not even to every place on the map, but he can't go anywhere with Rory; you don't need a map to travel with the Doctor, and he doesn't say anything on the map Choose a place, he will say to you, pick a star, through time and space, but in Amy's heart, Rory is the brightest star.

"It will be fine. I know it will. I will be with him like I should be. Me and Rory together."

A pair that took more than two seasons to describe is actually not the main line, but it is so moving. Watch five to seven (episodes 1 to 5) again, and be touched by their love again. They are able to turn their backs on the whole universe and want to be together, but at the same time, they just long for the happiness of getting old and dull together. Across time, space and country, the map they weave with love does not guide distance and location. But how for one person, willing to give up those amazing and great journeys and return to ordinary time and space to spend the rest of his life; choose not to accompany the most inconceivable person in the universe to save the world, but to lie quietly Looking back on life with the one I love.

To the Ponds.

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