It's a show that requires imagination

Ottilie 2022-10-03 20:23:23

This is a show that needs imagination.
I always recommend this show to people around me, but very few people fall in love with him. I didn't understand it at first until I watched a doctor ride a Tardis and take a female companion on different time and space adventures. When I suddenly realized that it's not that the show is bad, it just seems that we have lost a little imagination when we watch the show. It is difficult for us to imagine the loneliness of a man who constantly travels through time and space. It's hard to imagine the loneliness of female companions constantly leaving.

I remember when I was a child watching Ultraman Dragon Ball or other anime on DVD, my grandparents would say that all acting are lunatics, and all watching are fools. TV channels such as TV shows and news broadcasts. When I was a child, I watched them engrossed in watching the TV screen. I always wondered what it was good to see. When I grew up, I was only in a cold sweat. When I was a child, I watched it with my grandparents for a few years. I never knew what the man and woman on the TV were talking about. They were like a repeating machine, mechanically finishing the sentences in the script The children's channel will broadcast some excellent animations. I only remember Han Bagui and Elf Century. This is the enlightenment of my imagination.
In elementary school, I once passed by a bookstand. A very thick book attracted me. It was not like the novel said. The book seemed to lead me to the bookstand on the corner of the road. I have forgotten the cover of the book, I only remember the title of the book, "Beast Mastery". I spent more than ten yuan to buy him and take it home. I didn't have any interest in watching the cartoon. I hurriedly opened him and started my web article from there. During my reading career, I took it to school to read and read it after class. About half of the time, some classmates saw me reading this book and I was fascinated. I took a few comics and wanted to change them and return them to me. I didn't agree until he When I increased the price for a comic of The King of Fighters, which I also liked very much, I borrowed him to read it for a few days. Two days later, the teacher confiscated the book. Although I received compensation for a few comics, I always felt lost and ran away to the book stand, but I also looked for it. When I got home, my older brother, who was a few years older than me, was also very depressed when he heard about it, because I borrowed him to read the book and he liked it. Entered the society) I read it on the computer at work, and then went home and retold it to me. From then on, every night late at night, I squeezed under a quilt and listened to him talk about the plot in the book. And my mind is full of the male protagonist's imagination of adventures in different worlds, imagining his happiness, his sadness, and his friends who fell asleep after thinking about it. This is my imagination. The more I
grow up, the more I feel this experience. Precious Without it, it is hard for me to imagine the feeling of a person who is constantly traveling to different worlds, the freedom, the loneliness, the unspeakable sadness,
as a doctor who dies once and is reborn once, share a saying I like very much, I don't wan to go

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