Pay tribute to women's youth with never-ending wedding celebrations

Alden 2022-11-11 05:05:48

The female undercurrent is easy to ignore. Fasta, she is such a specific woman, no, without the reminders of her fellow moviegoers, she is a woman wrapped in a mysterious shell. She only has symbols or women have never been so foreign to me. Understanding culture in a natural way reveals the delicate female experience. Every wound in her heart has an invisible ballad. She is moody, she has dysmenorrhea, she has her own life experience, and does she have troubles that her mother has not told. She sticks to her dreams, she keeps her distance, she recognizes their language, recognizes their eyes, their hands, she holds her trust, she doesn't reject all men, it's that we don't understand her concerns. Her valley contains flowers, she is the bride to be married. When she heard the song carefully, she came quickly, and as long as there was praise, she could also show a smile on her face. She endured misunderstanding and contempt, she could be humble enough to pick up pearls in the dust, and she could sing the sea with a high-pitched voice. She is so different in the crowd, but you don't know why she is different? Maybe as long as she finds the holy relic of her first love, candy can also tell a lot of full life memories, and one sentence can melt the frost in her heart. Director Claudia Llosa pays tribute to women's youth with a never-ending wedding; death, joy and sweet words. "In the dark night, who is crying for me, I am in grief, but no one listens to the pain in my heart, such endless pain... It will never end..."

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