sadness as milk

Madilyn 2022-10-17 10:27:29

I don't know much about the political background of the film, and I don't have the right to interpret most of the metaphors. Only from a very micro, personal point of view to understand a relatively limited problem.

"Only death is something we cannot avoid, the rest are feared because of what we think"...

A single mother, especially a mother who is full of suffering and cannot be freed from it, has the energy for her daughter to create a world of absolute isolation for her. With this power, she fed her daughter's subconscious and conscious ideas, but it was the milk of sadness. These consciousnesses are all illusions, but they piece together the reality of the daughter's world.

Such a world must seem out of place with those parallel worlds, and this contrast is a breeding ground for the absurd.

In addition, probably those who grew up under the shackles of that heavy thought will especially love the sea... That is freedom, the hope of liberation.

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