sad milk

Rogers 2022-09-15 10:12:04

This film tells the story of a girl who heals her own psychological trauma. The background of the heroine is that her parents were in the military government. Her father was shot by right-wing militiamen, and her mother was gang-raped by the militiamen. Strong sense of shame and guilt, dare not get along with the opposite sex alone, feel that my body is not clean, as if cursed by the Lord. However, I feel that the film wants to express the decadent and luxurious life of the upper class in Peru and the formation of the lower slums The strong contrast is expressed through the female protagonist's obscure perspective. The slums are desolate and dilapidated everywhere, and the rich areas create artificial green landscapes. The female protagonist comforts the soul through rap music, and the rich use piano to decorate their luxury.

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