Does milk really hurt?

Alphonso 2022-10-11 10:25:44

The title of the film is "Sad Milk", and if you go to this somewhat misleading title, it will definitely make you sad in the end. There are cultural communication issues and translation issues, so I won't go into it. Many times a more interesting name will arouse people's desire. If the name of this Peruvian film made in Spain is so intriguing, I believe it will be difficult to spread to China. A recent domestic film "Dongfengyu", said to cost 100 million yuan, suffered a fiasco at the box office, with the box office less than 30 million yuan. The reason is that the audience does not know what it wants to express, what is the reason for the audience to watch it, and why should the audience go to the cinema to watch it?
The beginning of the film is very different. The singing voice of an old woman, the picture is that there is only singing in the black field, it lasts for about a minute, and she sings about the tragic experience of her life. After the picture is released, her daughter sings with her in duet, Mother and daughter communicate through singing, expressing affection that is much richer than dialogue. When her mother sang the secret in her heart, she passed away peacefully. And her mother's pain was somehow left to her daughter. The whole film revolves around the pain that this once barbaric and brutal tumor has brought to the girl in reality, and ends with the final removal of the potatoes growing in her body. It takes a lot of courage to let go of past suffering, and sometimes it takes your life to gamble.
The narrative of the film is particularly slow and simple. Except for some more imaginative compositions, the rest of the content is very bland, because the technical means are not up to the standard or the deliberate pan-classical style is not well judged. Except for those who like to indulge, or they may not have the patience to watch it, but the music is not bad, this film should be regarded as half a musical, singing, piano, birds and insects. The director still created two worlds, a reality in reality and a fantasy in reality. Many people like to live in fantasy down-to-earth, and the singing is the reality in reality.

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