weird milk

Hazle 2022-10-12 15:17:04

"Sad Milk" is a film that I can understand better if I watch it a second time, but I don't want to watch it a second time because I already want to beat people.

There is no picture at the beginning of the film, only a very eerie chant - the voice of Fasta's dying mother. She was raped by terrorists in her early years and suffered from a strange disease called "sad milk". Before she died, she was afraid that the disease would be transmitted to Fasta through breastfeeding. The whole movie is weird, miserable, neurotic.

Fasta watched other girls get married one after another, but he couldn't. After being introduced to a female pianist's home as a nanny. The female pianist traded pearls for Fasta's singing, and finally abandoned Fasta after gaining a lot of fame in a performance.

This film did not earn me a single tear. All I know is that Fasta always asks "why am I still unhappy" and "why is fate so unfair to me". I hate neurotic fastas. However, I still like her angular face like a man.

The most shocking thing to me was that when she saw a pigeon struggling and injured, she carefully called out "little darling", took the pigeon out of the cage, and then threw it to the dog next to it to eat. This is exactly the same as when her father covered her mouth when she became ill and tried to cover her to death.

This is the only Peruvian film I've ever seen, I really don't know what kind of country it is. It seems that Westerners always put it and China into a "mysterious" and "ancient" circle, but I really don't like it.

Fasta hid the body of her dead mother under the bed, fearing that it would be buried by others, and often took it out and touched it. She stuffed potatoes into her vagina, and often used tweezers to remove the sprouts of potato teeth. I just don't understand what kind of psychology this came from, how filthy the environment in Peru was at that time.

I've discovered a rather cruel side of me - I've always had a fear of stumbling, weirdly negative people. Because I can't figure it out, why should I emphasize and continue my bad state? ?

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