Fear will bury your soul in the ground

Ruthe 2022-09-09 10:40:23

Fausta is a sad and stubborn Indian girl. The fact that her mother was raped made her always fear men. After her mother died, she went out to work in order to make money. She didn't dare to look up at the man, didn't dare to approach, even her relatives and uncles lost their temper one day. Only the male gardener who loves flowers with his heart is taking care of her silently. And only a male gardener can take away her fears.
But the song she sings with quechua is really nice, she can hum a nice melody at will. The hateful white female pianist who ripped off her songs, instead of rewarding her and giving her the pearls she promised, drove her away. Fausta lives in a slum, and a white pianist lives in a mansion. The wealth gap and racial discrimination in Latin America always make people feel helpless.
Peruvian accent words and their music are so similar to Colombian, I seem to be going back. Many people say that Latin Americans are enthusiastic and unrestrained. In fact, I think it is a place that is claimed, occupied and then forgotten. There seems to be an indescribable sadness behind the carnival.
Background music is often played by an Andean instrument, heard before.
It should be a well-made movie.

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