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It's the most beautiful title I've ever heard, "Milk of Sadness," and it's like a wonderful mix. "Milk" is endowed with a dark tone, and "sadness" is the most moving existence. By the way, at first hearing this film won Berlin

When I was in the Golden Bear, I felt a mysterious and clear breath, which was the fragrance of milk and dust, the distant and despairing weeping and sadness.

Had it not been for the Berlin Golden Bear, we would never have seen such a Peruvian film full of introspection. It is also because of this that we can truly see the true value of Berlin's single-minded support for the new generation of directors. Berlin is despised

The long-standing and cold political stance has also begun to reveal a warm light of hope. As is well-known, "the film poetically uses the process of women's self-salvation to complete a metaphor about how to face national trauma." Star's life is like

A Peruvian tear is like a pearl scattered on the west coast of Latin America, and the small but powerful magic of the potato country slowly traces back.

During the turmoil, Fasta's mother was repeatedly raped by terrorists.

To protect her daughter, she stuffed a potato into her lower body.

Surprised and sighed, the Peruvian film reflects the wounds and tears of a country.

It also won the Golden Bear for Best Picture that year .

"Sad Milk"

"Milk" also means "milk", this film is a symbol of women .

The old mother borrowed a song to describe her tragic past.

In infinite fear and sadness, her life came to an end.

Daughter Fasta is withdrawn and eccentric, suffering from a "sad milk" disease, which causes her nose to bleed or collapse when frightened or frightened.

The eldest daughter of the uncle's family was married, and the girls were happily talking about the groom . Fasta, who was outside the crowd, suddenly fell ill and fainted.

Her uncle took her to the hospital, and the doctor found out the potatoes in her vagina, and the potatoes had sprouted, causing uterine inflammation.

The uncle said that he did not know about it. He said that his niece's disease was passed on to her through her breast milk.

Their villages call such people "sad milk": people who hide their souls underground out of fear .

Although the doctor has repeatedly denied it, the uncle firmly believes in this disease, and Fasta also sticks to his potatoes.

During the war, a neighbor did this to avoid being brutally murdered. Fasta spoke plausibly about the case she heard from her mother.

Although the times are different, this is also the capital of Peru, but my uncle did not force it, and he may not be able to grasp it with confidence .

My cousin is going to get married, and my mother's body at home is afraid that it will be unlucky. Fasta is given a deadline to bring her mother back to her hometown before the wedding, otherwise her uncle will be buried there.

In order to save travel expenses, she came to work in a female pianist's villa. She dared not look at the photos of officers, dare not look men in the eyes, and was afraid of any intersection of the opposite sex .

When she was afraid, she would sing songs her mother taught her.

Cut off the potato green shoots with scissors every night.

She doesn't care about everything around her, she only cares about the burial of her mother's hometown and her unknown date of death.

Peru is a country of rich and poor .

It can be seen from the wealthy family of Fasta's servants that this villa is like a closed castle, separated by an airtight gate.

There is a crowded market on one side, and a peach garden lined with green trees on the other .

In reality, Lima has a wall more than three meters high that stretches for dozens of kilometers.

The high walls purported to prevent crime actually separate the rich from the poor.

On one side are the humiliated innocent people, low and poor; on the other side is Lima, Peru, which is Wikipedia, neat and modern.

There is no public ugliness. No country is willing to let the world know its dark side. This is the preciousness of "Sad Milk" .

The "sad milk" was demonized into a plague, and the cursed mother passed it on to her children through milk.

When my aunt wiped Mother Fasta, she also refused to touch her breasts, like the god of plague.

This "plague" is indeed fictitious, but the fear left by the war in the hearts of the people is real.

Fasta, inheriting her mother's fears, was terrified of everything, escaping and retreating.

The potato inside seemed to be her only safe solace.

Fasta in Peru is distressing.

Her father was brutally killed during the war, and her mother lived in the shadow of humiliation for the rest of her life. No one could tell her what the outside world was like.

The mother told her about her tragic past, and she lived in her mother's past.

Sojourn in a potato, closed and fearful.

If you say "Wrestling! "Dad" is a good hope, and "Sad Milk" is the desolation of reality .

If it weren't for the Golden Bear Award, it is estimated that we would never know that there is such a group of "women living in potatoes" in this world .

The Peruvian female director revealed a dark history of the motherland through the film.

In 20 years, 70,000 murders, rape and abduction are uncountable, this is only registered...

The pain is naturally heavy, and the film tells the story of the Peruvian women behind her who had the same experience through Fasta.

Half the country is sad and happy.

In the rich family, the pianist made a deal with her: I'll give you a pearl for every song you sing.

The pianist stole the melody of Fasta's ballad and arranged it into a piano piece, which won applause at the performance.

Probably out of shame, her car drove off Fasta halfway and refused to give her the pearl she deserved.

The pianist is the epitome of the descendants of the Spanish colonists , elegant and cultured, and dishonest.

Compared to a pianist with a sanctimonious appearance and a poor gardener, people can see the dawn of Peru.

Fasta stole the pearls that belonged to her, and suddenly fainted on the way. The dress that the gardener helped her tidied up covered her exposed breasts.

From the first time the gardener talks to himself, to when he asks himself for water, to when he teaches himself to grow flowers.

After struggling many times, Fasta finally decided that this world is different from her mother's.

Tormented by fear and anxiety, she eagerly begged the gardener to help her out with the potatoes.

Potatoes are her sanctuary, and likewise she lives on.

Fasta, who had buried her mother, returned to her uncle's house and started a new life.

Later, she received a pot of flowers with a potato buried in it. After careful care, the potato grew tall stems and bloomed small white flowers.

Fasta smiled knowingly, she knew who sent it, and there was no more panic in this smile.

She redeemed herself, and it also foreshadowed that thousands of Peruvian women like her would redeem themselves.

This may be the meaning of the film in Peru.

Although the past is unbearable to look back on, if you face courage now, will the future be sunny and calm?

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