Quan Zhixian is still the drunk long legs in Xingxing, and Lee Minho is still the thick lips in tricks. He has not been able to jump out of the character set he played before. No matter how you look at it, it is constantly repeating the role. As for the s

Janae 2022-09-05 07:27:33

To say that this is Quan Zhixian's postpartum return work, it's really a silly three-year pregnancy, goddess Wuli.
Let's not talk about the plot first. Someone said that the two protagonists alone are enough to support a drama. After the stars, Jun Zhixian once again played such a down-to-earth character, and there was no surprise at all. The picture of the mermaid with long arms and thin legs is really beautiful, but If you look carefully, the lines are all blurred. The appearance of this kind of thing still needs to be strong in the later stage to support the whole play. Ah, ah , let's
talk about the plot. The first three episodes have been barely finished by pulling the progress bar. Bai Tian + Gao Fushuai, the key is a fish. The story of the mermaid princess shouldn't be like this. The red and green slippers on the left and right feet are wearing school pants and a coat. It's just that the dress is crazy and silly. I couldn't jump out of the character set I played before, no matter how I looked at it, it was a constant repetition of roles. As for the story, it was just that the protagonist changed his name and continued to consume the halo.
Looking forward to the latter, I still dare not say to myself that I have no time to watch the fourth episode. If there is a good drama, please recommend it to me. This drama is really boring. . .

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