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The first part of the legend of the blue sea, chasing the fish
, Yu Yu Ye Tan

was broadcast with another work written by Park Ji-eun. In the world of Korean dramas, there is a voice of listening to mermaid stories and watching mermaid dramas. I also got busy and faced so many sincere messages every day, so I fell into the usual routine of watching screenwriter Park’s works:

Appreciation of literary works + textual research is

obviously watching Korean dramas, why should I read literary works , and then test the evidence?

That's because it is characteristic to intersperse and check historical figures and historical events that have this person in the works. If you want to check it specifically, you can find more interesting details, so check the relevant characters and historical events according to the plot. It becomes fun to watch, and all of these have become the only way to delve into Park Ji-eun's screenwriting works.

When it comes to this play, among so many translated plot-related copywriting, without exception, an ancient book "Yu Yu Ye Tan" and a literati Liu Mengyin are mentioned. It is said that the outline of the story of the play comes from the anthology "Yu Yu Ye Tan" written by Liu Mengyin.

So, who is Liu Mengyin? What is the situation of the mermaid mentioned in "Yu Yu Ye Tan"? To clarify the plot, the above questions are very important.

Due to the special status of the story collection "Yu Yu Ye Tan" in the history of ancient Korean literature, in order to understand Liu Mengyin's personal affairs, checking historical books alone is not enough to explain the relevant situation. Comment on this person: The following quote is Liu Mengyin (1558-1628)

from "History of Korean Literature" .

When he was 70 years old, he was a prisoner of the Southerners, and finally died in the prison. His works include "Yu Yu's Legacy" and "Yu Yu Ye Tan", the latter is a white eyebrow in the essays and is widely circulated by the world.


Judging from the introduction of literary history, Liu Mengyin was born in the war-torn era of the Li Dynasty in ancient Korea. The decades after 1558 happened to be the most chaotic time after King Seonjo succeeded to the throne. After the disaster of war, then Gwanghae-kun Ascension to the throne caused a lot of chaos, and after Renzu usurped the throne, it caused chaos again. To put the 70-year-old in prison, it can be seen that the "heroes" of the Renzu Dynasty did not want to stay alive. The essay "Yu Yu Ye Tan" related to this play was born in such an era and written by such an author. Judging from Liu Mengyin's personal font size, the word Yu Yu is his alias. It can be seen that the title of "Yu Yu Ye Tan" is named after Liu Mengyin's alias, which means: a collection of rural stories written by Liu Mengyin.

In contrast to the situation, "Yu Yu Ye Tan" refers to Liu Mengyin, a veteran of the Xuanzu Dynasty, Gwanghaejun, and Inzu Dynasty, who has experienced wars and turmoil, and is actually an organization department in charge of the appointment of cadres. The veteran cadre wrote a story collection in his spare time, and named it with his own alias. He never imagined that the influence of this story collection would be so great that it is more famous than the author himself, and has many readers among the people.

Then, what exactly is "Yu Yu Ye Tan" talking about? This question can be narrowed down a little more. What is the story of the mermaid discussed in "Yu Yu Ye Tan"? Look at the original text of the story:

The following quote from "Yu Yu Ye Tan"

Jin Pinling is the magistrate of Shegu County. Trying to walk in the fisherman's house at sea, ask what kind of fish do you get? The answer is: The fish of the people has six mermaid heads, the second one is created and dies, and the fourth one is still alive. From the outside, they are all like four-year-olds, with bright faces, a raised nose, auricles, yellow temples, black hair and forehead, white and black eyes, and fair yellow pupils. Body or slightly red, or completely white, with light black text on the back. The yin and yang of men and women are like people. His hands and feet were wiped, and his palms were wrinkled. They sit hugging their knees, they are no different from others, and they are no different from others, and their tears are like rain. Pity the age of employment, and ask the fisherman to let him go. The fisherman regretted it very much and said: "The ointment of the mermaid is very beautiful, it will not be defeated for a long time, and it will not stink and rot as much as the oil of whales." The age of employment is very different. The fisherman said: "The big fish is as big as a human being, and this is especially the ear of a child." After the

quotation ,

it means that

Jin Danling served as the county magistrate of Shegu. Once at the house of a fisherman who went fishing in the sea, (Jin Danling) asked the fisherman what fish he caught? The fisherman replied:

The grass-folk fished and caught six mermaids, two of them were injured and died, and the remaining four were alive.

(Jin Danling) When I go out to see the mermaids, they are like four-year-old children, with bright and beautiful features, high nose bridge, distinct ears, yellow hair on the temples, black hair on the forehead, black and white eyes, and yellow pupils. Some mermaids are slightly red, some are completely white, and there are light black lines on their backs. (Mermaid) The yin and yang of men and women are just like people. The hands and feet are flexed and stretched toward the soles of the feet, and the palms are wrinkled. (Mermaid) Sitting with his knees clasped, he is no different from others, no distinction is made between others, his eyes are lowered and tears are pouring down. Jin Danling took pity on the mermaids and asked the fisherman to let them go. The fisherman said with special regret:

the ointment obtained from the mermaid is very good, and it does not rot for a long time. Unlike whale oil, it will rot and stink after a long time. "

Jin Danling captured the mermaid and released it into the sea. The mermaid disappeared and swam away like a turtle and squid. Jin Danling was very surprised. The fisherman said,

"Some of the adult mermaids are as big as humans. This is the smallest of the mermaids. child. "

So that's the case. It turns out that "Yu Yu Ye Tan" tells all the stories of gods and monsters. The words are vivid and beautiful, and the writing attitude is serious and unambiguous.

The relevant stories answer the question why "Yu Yu Ye Tan" is so popular and has been favored by readers for hundreds of years. Therefore, if "Yu Yu Ye Tan" is so popular In reality, it should be a collection of celebrity gossip stories sold at the stalls. The reason why this book sold at the stalls has been favored by readers for hundreds of years is obvious:

gossip is seen by everyone. People love people, but decent people in the court and the opposition encounter their own affairs, describe the details in detail, and even have real names, but there are not many stories. How to teach people how not to love?

The story is quoted here. From the perspective of the relevant story, it means watching this book. The drama must face two completely different scenes: ancient and modern. In fact, the ancient and modern plots alternately parallel, complement each other, and confirm each other, which is a major feature of Park Ji-eun's screenwriting works. Similarly, the protagonist's past and present lives are arranged because of his obsession with love. Nian meets again and again, fate is changed by love, and life is burned by love, which is also an unavoidable plot feature of this drama.

When the infatuated mermaid girl swims from the bottom of the sea, just to save the boy who fell into the sea, when the awakened mermaid beauty wades out of the water, to meet her lover's reincarnation again, when the memory-erasing mermaid kiss is printed again , The memory related to love disappears like a bubble, but the past love that runs through ancient and modern times will not disappear. The legend about the blue sea has turned a new page. Welcome to the world of mermaids and witness the origin and demise of fate.

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