A drama that can be discarded immediately after watching

Daniella 2022-10-05 16:45:40

Now let me evaluate the quality of a drama, I will first think about whether I will take it out and revisit it in the future. Although Korean dramas generally sell emotions and have weak plots, "Star You" is a drama that I still find interesting and moving when I look back. As for "Blue Ocean", I don't want to know any plot except the ending. I just delete it after reading it, and there is nothing to remember.
I want to talk about the good and bad of the drama in several parts.

1. The role
of Sister Quan - the acting is superb, the ancient version and the modern version of the mermaid are well interpreted, whether it is worry, deception, fear, facial expressions and eyes are in place. After watching the tidbits, I really admire Sister Quan. The scenes of the mermaid swimming in the deep sea in the play were all shot by her. Even the original scenes are very beautiful. She is indeed a very powerful actor.
Heo Joon Jae (everyone except Sister Quan uses the show's name) - not bad. In the first few episodes, I felt that he couldn't keep up with Quan's acting skills. When he was angry, he would only roar "Ah-xi", but after that, he got better and better, with good micro-expressions and acting rhythm.
Ma Daying - The smile is creepy, suppressing the feeling of irritability at any time. Originally, I thought that this uncle was very gentle, but he turned out to be so handy in acting as a bad guy. The actor is well-received.
Gou Nandou - philistine, calculating, shrewd, the characters feel it.
Tai Wu - a role that does not use acting skills at all. Of course, the actors may not have any acting skills, but they are unexpectedly popular.
Cha Shiya - a superficial performance without any feeling.
Ann Pearl - This role is too loud! ! ! However, it was originally a funny role in the play, although she couldn't laugh at her exaggeration.
Joon Jae's mother - the most useless character in the whole show, she has always had a bitter look on her face, but when she taught Ahn Pearl and Kang Ji Hyun, she had a bit of aura.
Jiang Zhixian - Uh, the face-lifting is too bad! The soft light made her face almost smeared, and she still couldn't hide her protruding nostrils and cheekbones. It was uncomfortable to see her, and she also didn't feel her acting skills.
Xu Zhixian - I remembered him at the end, his acting skills are good, his face is good, his skin is really good.

2. Costume props
Fashion dramas, all kinds of big names, of course, have nothing to say, but with "Star You" in front, clothing does not help my favorability. On the contrary, in the later plot, the scenes of Quan or Li walking in neat clothes were filmed many times, and the shooting time was too long.

Third, the
plot is the weakest part of the play. The first one or two episodes are very exciting, the freshness of the mermaid landing, Xu Junzai's suave and suave, even if everyone says that there are many bugs (such as the bicycle that appears inexplicably when escaping, Xu's childish hypnotism), but it is better than the smooth plot, prominent contradictions, escape is main line. After ten episodes, I can't watch it anymore. I can only rely on the male and female protagonists hugging and talking to fill the plot. Xu Junzai went up and hugged after finding the mermaid several times. I was rolling my eyes, Nima, old-fashioned and blunt , who are you deceiving?
Xu Junzai's force value is a mystery. In Spain, he can fight a few strong men by himself, and he will be defeated after a few moves with Ma Darong. I am ashamed of him, even if the plot requires it. Then he endured the pain and went to the mermaid, and he fainted after saying a few words, hehe, exaggerated.
Mother and son didn't recognize each other until the last few seconds of episode 15. I have to suspect that the screenwriter couldn't come up with other clues and was reluctant to move the plot forward. And this stalk seriously deviates from my values: the mother left home and never contacted the son (because the stepmother would not let it, but which mother would really be willing not to contact the son for so long), the mother wanted to know the situation of the son through old friends (should the son disappear? Should I let my mother know first? Just because she is worried? Worrying and losing a son is more important? I can't figure out the brain circuit of the Southern Chief's wife.) After
watching 15 episodes, I am really tired. Cha Shia appeared from time to time, expressing her annoyance that Junjae’s mother was his aunt, and the text messages explaining the truth were not sent for several episodes; Xu’s mother met Jiang Zhixian, which did not promote the plot, but just asked the southern chief’s wife for Jun Killing the phone was unsuccessful; the screenwriter insisted on putting the mother-son meeting at the end of the 15 episodes, moving all beings, and the intention of dragging the plot should not be too obvious; a group of policemen are still repeating "everyone around Jiang Zhixian will die." This old clue, I don't know what it is for them to appear; the only faster one is that the identity of the mermaid was discovered by Gou Nandou.
Probably because I have been immersed in Korean dramas and romance novels for many years, the male protagonist squatted down to put on shoes for the female protagonist, hugged, kissed, and cuddled to sleep. These did not make my heart move, as if I saw the screenwriter saying: Look, a lot of pink, don't Pay attention to the plot~
I just hope that the screenwriter can write an explanation for the previous procrastination later, and don't end it unfinished. I'm still looking forward to the ending, otherwise the advertisements for so long will be in vain 〒_〒

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