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In the past, I only saw the protagonist in the eyes of TV dramas, and it was difficult to make an impression when I saw the villain or two men and two women. But now I don't know whether it's because I'm getting older, or I'm more accepting the reason for the existence of a wide-scale grayscale world. I feel that in every drama, it is those supporting characters whose fate is unfortunate or whose love cannot be answered.

In "The Legend of the Blue Sea", the second girl has been in love with the male protagonist for many years. After she can't stand the torture of unrequited love, she finally goes out to express her feelings, but she is still ruthlessly rejected (17th episode). The expression of the second girl was full of tears in her eyes, and then she lowered her eyebrows to hide her pain. These expressions are really touching. It can be said that the whole drama is worth it when I see this part.


low eyebrows

cover up

In order to improve the situation of herself and her son, the male protagonist's stepmother killed three husbands, and finally the last husband's own son, the male protagonist, saw through the police and finally surrendered. The child brought by the stepmother, the second male, was also arrested after helping his mother kill his stepfather and attempting to snatch the gun from the police.

The second man couldn't stand the fact that both his parents were murderers, and finally committed suicide by taking poison on the way to the police station. The last words he said to his mother before he died really broke the heart of a mother who was dedicated to her child:

Mom, you being my mom is the biggest curse on me.

son's last words

son's last words

mother's grief

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