very sweet drama

Merl 2022-11-15 22:57:53

Ah, this is really pretty, just treat it as a lighthearted and cute drama, my sister and brother are both very good looking, just watch a happy one is really happy, sweet and warm, even if there is a villain, it is not too worrying , and finally there are children. In other words, what will the children of the mermaid look like? He must be someone with fish genes. He should be very good at swimming. Every time I watch Min Ho's dramas, I feel very sweet and happy. They are basically sweet dramas, except for Jiangnan 1970, which made me depressed for a while. , The rest are very good. The content of this drama is very simple. It is the story of the past and present of the mermaid and the human. In the past life, he saved her, but he was killed, so she died with him. In this life, she is still a mermaid. , but he was in a far away country, Xiaoqing almost broke his tail trying to find Junzai, but fortunately, he still had a sense of his previous life and didn't chase her away. I was afraid at the time if Xu Junzai really chased Xiaoqing away. What will happen when I leave? Fortunately, Xu Junzai is a face control. Of course, Xiaoqing was the bracelet that attracted the liar at first. Xiaoqing fell in love with a swindler. Xiaoqing didn't get that octopus doll, but of course he got it later, and Xu Junzai also released it.

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