unforgettable jasmine

Shaun 2022-10-05 16:50:25

I watched "South and North" yesterday, and "Beautiful Lady" today, each of them has four or five hours, which took me two whole afternoons, but I still feel a kind of contentment at the moment. I like drama, and I have always liked the beauty that is passionate, heroic, thrilling, and selfless. When I read "The Witch of Salem Town", I burst into tears and felt heart-piercing pain. At the same time, I also felt A hearty pleasure, I think the human soul should be roasted on the fire. When I watched "The Magician", I was amazed that people's wisdom, people's perseverance, and the undead love in people's hearts can actually make all the impossible possible, and make all supernatural beings kneel at the feet of people's will, so I Tell everyone you know that fairy tales don't die, and love doesn't die. After watching "South and North" yesterday, I was so unaccustomed and uncomfortable that it ended so quietly, so precisely and without a doubt, to the ending I expected. I don't know since when I didn't like that kind of clear, pure, and slowly rippling emotions and stories. They are like a soothing but single rhythm piece, and the impetuous I seem to never again I am not in the mood to make a cup of chrysanthemum tea and listen carefully to the subtle tonal changes in this pure tune. , It's not strong enough. I've watched a lot of movies like "The Two Littles, No Guess", "The Big Nose Lover", and "The End of the Game". When I encountered "South and North", I didn't see it at a glance.
But today's "Beautiful Lady", I like it very much. I don't know if it was because I had watched "South and North" yesterday, so I didn't plan to find the legendary love in this movie at the beginning, so it allowed me to watch this movie in a calm and peaceful way. Anyway, I watched a little bit, guessed a little bit, lost a little bit, a little bit of joy, a little bit of sadness, a little bit of moved. There are no visual spectacles here, rough seas, it's just a small story told delicately, quietly, and implicitly. It's not peculiar or earth-shattering, but there's an approachable beauty about it that feels so warm, so beautiful, so real, even though it takes place in another country in another century.
A sensible story, some ordinary characters, but everyone is so vivid and vivid, it makes people feel the texture of daily life.
The most unforgettable thing in the film is Jasmine. I fell in love with this film because of Jasmine. I fell in love with the purity and beauty.
Jasmine is just as its name suggests, kind, fair, and straightforward. She is an angelic pure and consistent person. The flower of love blooms quietly in her heart, but when she finds out that the person she loves falls in love with her half-sister , She is sad and sad, but only in her own world, she doesn't blame Cynthia and Roger at all, she loves them and cares about them as always. In her eyes, love is a natural thing, it is not wrong for Roger to fall in love with the beautiful Cynthia, and it is not wrong for the beautiful Cynthia to make Roger fall in love with her involuntarily, just as she cannot help falling in love with Roger, love is A color as clear and beautiful as the sky, a gentle wind blowing in one direction. If a modern screenwriter were to create the character of Jasmine, then Jasmine could become a gradually lost nemesis, or a sullen, sickly, amorous girl, but in this film, Jasmine is always a White jasmine. No matter how many disappointments and sufferings there are in life, she is always the same and crystal clear. This is the simplest and most difficult existence. Jasmine must have touched many modern people, just as she deeply touched me. When I go for a walk in the future, when I see Jasmine again, I will definitely think of Jasmine, the simple, brave, consistent and pure love.

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