Is the embroidered pillow a bag of grass?

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Mrs Gaskell is an interesting person. There are many ideas, very deep, but after showing the helplessness of half reality, they always rush to the romantic HAPPY ENDING without turning back. In the south and the north, there are tensions between labor and capital, misunderstandings and prejudices that turn sharply at the end, while Splendid Beauty is Cinderella, who was originally going to be black to the end, inexplicably washed all the way in the last 30 minutes and became quasi-white snow. Princess.

This is a woman's sharpness and tolerance. Without the back, it will be mean, and without the front, it will be wise.

All right. I admit that compared to JA's poker man and NS's factory owner, a certain only has less interest in Mr. Roger. The 19th century engineering man was originally a good gimmick, but the unprincipled face really lacks some cute potential, although he is a bad guy. It's just that because of the beautiful sister's divorce, she found Cinderella who has been standing by her side. It's a bit mean to say that it's the next best thing: choosing Jasmine is also good, it's not icing on the cake and it's not a loss. However, who knows if the beautiful sister does not break off the marriage, or if a better woman, Mr. Roger, will choose.

However, I have to admit that the last 15 minutes of abuse of Roger made me feel good. If the abuse was more severe, maybe a certain animal would have a better impression of Roger.

Jasmine is a good girl, and good girls are usually leftovers. Some universities in Russia have recently launched a course called How to Appear Feminine to Men. For example, deliberately dropping the pen on the ground and picking it up to show the perfect curve in front of the man you like, or using a hormonal perfume. Because a lot of nerds in college don't know about this. The sorrow of a good girl. If "the face that has been waiting in the years" didn't wait for Mr. Roger, who was on the shore during the opening and closing of the lotus, he would probably be watching the man he liked to get married and have children and then find out after a long time, hey, why I was so fascinated by this person in the first place ?

However, I believe that the happiness index of Mr. Roger and Miss Jasmine's marriage must be quite high. Love and marriage are two different things. I discussed with Miss Su a few days ago that the advantage of marriage is that someone can live together and enjoy the preferential price for couples. It looks a bit cruel, but when you are tired and don't want to cook for a day, you can justifiably instruct people to get a table to eat no matter what way, or when the quilt is too cold on a cold day and you need someone to warm the bed, or in the middle of the night When you suddenly want to talk to someone, of course, not to mention some impulses that need to be resolved, the partnership of marriage is still very advantageous. And these two are undoubtedly good partners, eliminating a series of attractive but lacking stability characteristics such as stubbornness, hotness, and pride.

Finally, I want to talk about my favorite male and female silver in this play.

Osborne and Mrs Halliye.

In the traditional movie viewing experience, beautiful men are often harlequins with embroidered pillows and a bag of grass and flowers. But Osborn is so subversive. As a young poet who is sensitive but not sentimental, he is the only smart and handsome guy whose eyes are straight without seeing his beautiful sister, and a responsible man who falls in love with a French maid even if he has no money. A family rebellious who doesn't like going to college and fails the exams. Os himself has the superiority of too many smart and rich young people, but it is a pity that he is the eldest son, so he is destined to give up self-achievement of family honor under too much attention. .

This is the recently discovered primogeniture phenomenon. Look at the handsome children in the Wei and Jin Dynasties: the handsome Wei Jie, everyone recognizes it, but in addition to his free and easy way of becoming an official when he dies, there is the elder brother Wei Wei who must inherit the title of the foreigner Wei Kuan, whether he wants to or not. The position of Sanqi Shilang; Yu Jie, who relies on the wind to enter the handsome guy list with the waist of the bucket, has the freedom to eat large pieces of meat and drink large bowls of alcohol, take off his clothes and blow his hair because he is the second son of Yu Jun. As for the task of ensuring that the family does not fall , throw it to my brother.

I really don't want to say that Osborn's tragedy is because he was born earlier than Roger, so he received less tolerance, but God knows how big a hat the family is, enough to crush the backbone of freedom.

Mrs. Halliye, I wonder if the BBC has the same golden law of supporting roles as TVB. Mrs. Halliye and her mother how do I look at the special portrait of Charlotte and Mr. Darcy's aunt in the 95th PP? Speaking of the stunning red dress with black lace ribbons, who rode on a horse and questioned Jasmine's rumored boyfriend, the female captain who looked like a ship at sea was floating in the wind, what a handsome character. This woman has a bit of a heroine feel, especially the calmness that Jasmine was robbed at the beginning of the scene, but she was quite protective of her, you are right. In the end, more good things happened to Jasmine and Roger. The old-fashioned mouth shape that played Charlotte turned into Mrs. Harriet immediately became quite aristocratic and noble, which was interesting.

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