Is Ordinaryness a Virtue?

Casimer 2022-09-10 08:43:27

The reason why I haven't been interested in this film is mainly because the heroine Molly's face that looks really old and not good-looking in the poster and the plot introduction. As a result, from the very beginning, the little girl was fascinated by it. She looks so good, she's really a doll. Then, when the grown-up heroine appeared, she was even more pleasantly surprised. She looked so pure and clean. She was at least ten years younger than the plot introduction, and she was more than ten times better-looking. In the second episode, I was sitting at the piano watching my favorite Roger chatting and laughing with Cynthia, trying hard not to shed tears, and trying not to let other people see it, I couldn't help thinking that she played really well.

From the beginning, the heroine Molly is an ideal character that everyone will like from the old society to the new society. She is friendly to all characters and treats everyone with sincerity. And she is not stupid at all, she can see clearly and understand everything clearly, but she has the innocent and kindness that believes in others and protects others, and she never puts on airs, which really makes everyone hate it. Such a good girl, it stands to reason that all mothers and fathers would like their sons to be their daughters-in-law, and all the old ladies who like to make bridges love to introduce them. All men pursue the goal of becoming wives. , the situation has completely changed.

The old girls still liked a completely harmless girl like Molly, and even always felt sorry for her. But all the men, including those who were interested in Molly, turned their backs on Cynthia when they saw Cynthia, and went after Cynthia. The most ironic thing is that the apprentice who was kicked out by Molly's father earlier came back a few years later and wanted to propose to Molly, but as soon as he bumped into Cynthia, the object of the proposal immediately changed.

Strictly speaking, Molly's kindness is somewhat similar to the "Three Madonnas" that we often sneer at now. Before the arrival of mother and daughter Cynthia, she was the center of everything, she was the focus of everything. She first accepted a stepmother who suddenly appeared (here I have to say a few words, a middle-aged man who has been widowed for a long time meets a middle-aged woman who has been lonely for a long time, it is really a fire of TMD, and the efficiency is resolute, tsk tsk), and She's not too stupid, she actually has a pretty clear understanding of her stepmother's selfishness. Then there is her long-awaited sister who is not related by blood. This is understandable. After all, the little girl has never had friends of the same age, and it is normal to have a heartfelt expectation for her sister. But this limelight-loving sister quickly became the center of everything, and even took away her sweetheart. After stealing his sweetheart, he quickly got bored and did not treat him well. When something messy happened, she always hoped that she would help her clean up the mess. Even if she helped her take the blame, she would still lament her tragic fate and would not help herself clarify. What kind of great sentiment is this? Dad's love will be taken away, everyone's love will be taken away, men will be taken away, and she has to help her solve all kinds of problems. Even if she has her own good reputation, she will not tell the truth, because her sister's love is like this. Fame will be hurt? The most hateful part of the birth is that this Cinderella's sister is not evil at all, she is just beautiful and a little selfish.

Oh Cynthia, dazzlingly beautiful Cynthia. If Molly's beauty is reserved and restrained, then Cynthia is open and luminous. She knows her beauty better than anyone, and because of her selfish mother, she lacked love since childhood, so that she would unconsciously absorb the love given to her like a black hole. In fact, she didn't like too much for all her suitors, but she never had any malicious intent. She enjoys other people's infatuation and crazy pursuit of her, and she doesn't want to bear the consequences of vanity. Once something happens, she will not face it positively like Molly. Of course she was selfish, but she didn't actually cover up or pretend anything. Such a person is sometimes really depressing and disappointing, because she is not malicious and always does wrong things, which is really not cute enough. But for most hot-headed men, such a woman is irresistible attraction, because for them, a beautiful woman who does not reject them always feels that they have her firmly in their hands, Pride does not allow them to believe they will fail. So, the men chasing Cynthia came one by one and became cannon fodder.

Of course, the actress who plays Cynthia is really not good-looking. Personally, I feel that she is too strong, completely living up to the original intention of the role. I don't know if it's because the British aesthetics are different from those of Asians, or because the existence of the supporting roles is mainly to set off the protagonist.

Roger's feelings for Molly are more subtle, and before Cynthia arrives, he may be more inclined towards Molly, after all, the two of them are very like-minded. But Cynthia's appearance suddenly seemed like a switch, bursting out the pent-up enthusiasm in his heart. In fact, it is also normal. A good boy who has been very obedient since childhood will always be attracted by those who are not bound by the world and morality. However, his expectations and imagination for Cynthia were clearly not at all similar to Cynthia himself. As a good man who has no sense of rebelling against the rules of the world, he actually has very traditional requirements for his future wife, be kind, like-minded, and live a plain and happy life together. But the simple-minded he never realized that Cynthia wasn't alone, no matter how much he was overwhelmed with love. In Roger's simple logic, Cynthia is the perfect goddess in his imagination. He doesn't realize that the things he is interested in, the ideals in life that he thinks are beautiful, Cynthia doesn't want to think about it at all. So it wasn't until he was dumped that the boy suddenly grew up and realized many things that he didn't see clearly before. In a sense, I think Roger even has to thank Cynthia for flipping that switch, making him crazy young again, realizing what love is and what he needs.

However, Roger's wobbles up front made me really upset for Molly. Such a good girl doesn't want it, she's blind. Hmph, it really is the color words first, and the same goes for a good man like Roger. If Cynthia doesn't dump you, what's a good girl like Molly to do. Of course, what is commendable is that the actor Roger is a bit stupid to tell the truth. Although he does not meet the requirements of ordinary audiences to see how kind, special and beautiful the heroine is at a glance, he does not play tricks, and he is down-to-earth and knows how to hurt people. good man. The most important thing is, does our heroine Molly like him? The two never quarrel, they appreciate each other and like-minded, and the two have no character flaws. They still feel very good together, and they can live a very happy life at a glance.

At the end of the movie, Roger confessed in the heavy rain, alas, the usual trick of the BBC, a man dressed in a white shirt classically and elegantly, with a deep and British classical accent, plus his face was soaked in the rain. The color change is just sincere and warm, tsk tsk, that sexy. How could it fail. White shirt + wet + classical accent + soulful eyes = BBC hero's nirvana. Who has the heart to say No...

Since then, Molly has finally managed to keep the clouds open and see the moon, and has lived a happy life ever since.

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