See how the mermaid soaks up the male god

Dorcas 2022-10-01 10:28:10

"The Legend of the Blue Sea", the mermaid bubble male god chapter.

Our fish (Shen Qing classmate) is not hypocritical. If he likes it, he will take the initiative to attack, and he will come directly and indirectly, making Xu Junzai hard to guard against. ?

?, let Xu Junzai do nothing

Eyes teasing all the time ?

I can't say it all the time, haha ​​?

This, in the past, only Xu Junzai used to flirt with girls, but now I have encountered our fish that is completely unreasonable. I can't stand it. I began to suggest that our fish go to Seoul too. Allure

After the kiss under the sea, even if Xu Junzai doesn't know our fish, it doesn't matter, our fish will follow

Continue to tease our Xu Junzai?:

This is too warm, I'm envious ? The couple's new pose on phone calls ?
Our fish, want to take the opportunity to go down and sleep with Xu Junzai?
? That's it, the action is super strong

Although our fish is very fresh to everything on the shore, we are born with jealousy. When we treat our rivals in love, our eyes are also deadly.

Defending one's own love is also a lever ?

? This paragraph just made me laugh to death...

Our fish will only love Xu Junzai, no one else, so in the face of Thomas' seduction, he is simply a fan of the gangster's royal sister ?

This makes Xu Junzai arrogant ?

Xu Junzai is secretly very happy ?

Of course, our fish has only given you Xu Junzai for more than 400 years to hook up ?, and only listen to you

When our fish faced Xu Junzai's lectures, he was like a puppy who did something wrong, bowed his head and listened obediently.

It's so pitiful, our fish ?
Haha, I'll learn to speak softly now?

Xu Junzai is also very arrogant. He just finished his lesson one second, and the next second, we let our fish bite.

what a cute fish

Our fish is so cute, even Tai Wu is already in deep ?

But don't worry, our fish heart ❤️ only contains Xu Junzai you

I'm hungry, I'm thinking of you right now

I have something to eat, so excited to call you right away

Really full of Xu Junzai you.

When I heard the gunshots, I went to protect you as soon as possible

If you know you like money, go make it and give it all to you

Ah, can Xu Junzai still hold it? ?

Xu Junzai couldn't hold it anymore. ?

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