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Celine 2022-07-06 16:09:24

Hey, I have to say, this assignment is really difficult for me. First, although I like the cartoon of Little Hedgehog very much, I even bought a picture book in a hurry, but I still can't tell why. Second, aesthetics is a new and high-level field for me. Although I wanted to touch it at one time, there was even a book of Zhu Guangqian on my desk, but this book terrified me because it was as thick as a slab. , which seems to be more difficult to digest than philosophy. Third, in terms of aesthetic ability and life experience, I don’t seem to be worthy of writing a film review for this film from the perspective of a critic, so I had to venture to write about the aftermath of the film in the guise of a film review. I hope the teacher will not dislike it.

From the overall look and feel, this film has a poetic and hazy beauty in terms of character building, plot conception, narrative method, ending and theme . So I wondered if I could combine this animation with aesthetics by deconstructing the poetic work. How do we deconstruct poetry? I personally think that poetry should have unclear intentions and diverse interpretation methods , so that it can be carefully scrutinized, and can be read often and new with the increase of aesthetic ability and life experience. Analogy to the little hedgehog, we have repeatedly discussed what an owl is, what a white horse is, what a bat is, what a dog is, and what a bear is. In fact, he can be whatever you want him to be. Another example is whether this story is about friendship, love, dreams, living conditions, life or ideology? Or is it about history, about a certain regime or political idea? Think about these questions, I can give an explanation, and I don't need to give an explanation . Like Hai Zi's poem, who can say what "the wind is behind the wind" really means? I can have an understanding, you can also have an understanding, and Haizi himself has an understanding, but the poem itself can only be incomprehensible, otherwise he will be meaningless. A while ago, I flipped through a book called "History of Charm". He said why is an existence attractive? A prerequisite is that you must first have a sense of mystery, the unknown, and the desire to arouse people's exploration. Why is the white horse so attractive to the little hedgehog? Not only is she beautiful and gentle, but she is mysterious, hazy, and unpredictable, thus becoming a white moonlight-like existence in Eileen Chang's writings. In the same way, I think whether it is poetry or Yuri Norstein's animation, what is the beauty in them? Perhaps it is precisely because you can never accurately say what he means, you can never even accurately describe your own feelings, but you want to find out what is going on, so you continue to dig deep into your inner world through works , This makes the haziness and uncertainty of the work greatly satisfying your desire for exploration and never ending. At this time, the work has become a mysterious and charming existence, and what we experience is also a hazy and mysterious beauty.

Another point, apart from the hazy and mysterious beauty, another thing that attracts me about this film is that I can smell a strong romantic aesthetic atmosphere from it . The creation of the short film was made in the Soviet Union in the 1970s. If I remember correctly, it should be the Brezhnev period, which was also the heyday of the Soviet Union. With the rapid economic development and the rising living standards, there is probably more leisure time to carry out beautiful fantasies and creations. From the content point of view, this film makes me a little sad, sad that I see you and feel you from a distance, but there is always a clear and hazy boundary between us, and the inside and outside of the fog are always two different The world, no matter how I try, I can't really enter your side and can only choose to return in endless confusion. Finally I went back to the bear, listening to his babble in my ear, thinking of your phantom in my head, I knew you were just passing by and my life was forever changed because of it. You are beautiful, and I am powerless. This just constitutes a beautiful and eternal phantom between you and me. You must know that a phantom is always more desirable than a fait accompli, and the beauty of the phantom is always easier to be eternal than the beauty of reality . In terms of emotions, this is the white moonlight that can only be viewed from a distance in front of the window; in terms of ideals and life pursuits, this is to free us from the mediocrity of firewood, rice, oil and salt, and even if it cannot be achieved, we must spend our whole life pursuing it. In terms of ideology at the philosophical level, this is our romantic aesthetic concept of attaching importance to sensibility and instinct , and it is also a reflection of the Kantian aesthetic judgment that "beauty is subjective and unprofitable pleasure" .

Ah, after so much talk, where is the beauty of this film? This is really hard to say.

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