"It's as red as rain, don't remember where you came from"

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"It's as red as rain, don't remember where you came from"

Let's start with "Story within a Story". "Gu" has an obvious stream-of-consciousness style. Unlike "Little Hedgehog", its picture composition is a little weird and bizarre, not like "Little Hedgehog". Fresh and poetic, with some dark fairy tales.

Norsch is one of the most important animation masters alive today, and his works have a very special imagination and expressiveness in the picture, which is unique. Story within Stories is one of his most famous works. Compared with "Little Hedgehog", "Gu" contains a lot of the master's accusations and criticisms of reality. The practical significance is stronger, in which laughter and sobbing, fireworks and tears, organ and grief, coexist. It shows the author's deep helplessness, and more reflects the author's thinking about the society. And "Little Hedgehog" is more of a common human emotion.

Let's make a horizontal comparison between "Little Hedgehog" and Alexander Petrov's "Mermaid" of the same period. The latter's oil painting color and oil painting texture are stronger, so it is more romantic. The picture texture of "Little Hedgehog" is more inclined to our Chinese shadow play. The picture is fresher and less cluttered. The frame rates of these two animations are not high. With the changes in animation technology with the development of the times, our viewing habits are also changing, so when we watch these movies, we will not feel particularly comfortable, and " "Little Hedgehog" is precisely because of these characteristics of the picture, which greatly reduces the discomfort, but enhances the retro charm.

Unlike "Little Hedgehog", "Mermaid" is mixed with some people's desires, temptations, and complex human nature. So it seems more realistic, there is a sense of poignant beauty. At the same time, "Little Hedgehog" is more innocent and fun. The temptation in "The Mermaid" is more obvious, but there are actually undercurrent temptations in "Little Hedgehog", the white horses, and the candy under the towering trees. The simple little hedgehog is also a little lost here. "Little Hedgehog" is not only very poetic in terms of picture style and plot, but also has the same connotation as poetry. The emotions expressed by the poet Qin Guan in his "Little Crimson Lips" are similar to those in "Little Hedgehog": "Drunk in a light boat, the flow of letters leads to the depths of flowers, the dust and fate are wrong, and the flowers live among the flowers without any plan. The water is vast, the sun is setting for thousands of miles, the mountains are countless, and the red is like rain, and I don’t remember the way I came.” It is also a lost story.

Let's put aside the connotation of this animation, just from the imaging effect of the picture, its lens movement or its lens language may not be so smooth, but the visual effect it presents is straight to people's hearts. It's hard not to be moved by Nuoershi's animations. To achieve such an effect, you must not only stand firm on the idea, but also have a shocking skill on the screen. It is worth mentioning that "Gu", which follows "Little Hedgehog", has already produced a very smooth and stable three-dimensional animation effect based on the former's attempt. It makes "Ancient" a dimension in the perception.

There is a saying that "people are visual animals." Compared with the profound connotation, perhaps the first thing people pay attention to is the effect of things directly presented. Director Zhang Yimou's attention to the use of color is also because color can affect people's emotions in the first instant. We can incorporate our thinking into the visual representation of the film and let the images express our emotions rather than relying solely on plot or dialogue.

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