"Something to talk about" is more important than beauty?

Zachary 2022-08-20 00:16:42

Molly is so perfect, youthful and beautiful, kind and loyal, ancient and warm-hearted, dare to speak out... If you have to talk about shortcomings, it is only reserved. I'm probably too dark in my heart. When I see such a heroine, I immediately feel an illusion, an illusion, she must have a very dark side that people can imagine, just like Maud in "Fingersmith Love". (Suddenly remembered that line from Bei Dao - tell you, world, I - don't - believe!) But Molly is so perfect, so pure, so in line with everyone's good imagination, so of course I I also like Molly, more than the beautiful Cynthia who makes all men look at him but is not devoted.

Cynthia is indeed charming. As soon as she appeared on the stage, she leaned on the railing on the deck and looked into the distance, with a pair of smart but restless eyes under her big hat, which clearly told the audience that she is a master who can cause trouble. That's true of what happened later. He Fulin's young man who was married saw that she didn't have eyes that didn't go straight. What the hell happened to her? Her mother's lover had fallen in love with her, and she had lived in France since she was a child. Young gentlemen rushed to show their love to her, and old women made irresponsible remarks about her. True and false, false and true, people look at her like "looking at flowers in the fog", a beautiful red rose. At this point, Molly, who was once loved by everyone, is not enough, at least in the eyes of the boys. If she could still be called "Jasmine" in the past, now she can only be a small and shriveled "Gypsophila". Roger and Cynthia, whom she secretly loves, have "privately decided for life"; the pupil who once confessed to her unsuccessfully, inherited a huge inheritance many years later, and plans to propose to her again with confidence, but the moment he saw Cynthia's beauty, it changed mind. And our Molly just went back to the room, closed the door, knocked on the window, and cried twice. Out of the room, she still smiled at everyone. Even, in order to achieve the marriage of Cynthia and Roger, she did not hesitate to bring Cynthia to blame for her own reputation. A beautiful heroine is lovable, and a beautiful and virtuous heroine is certainly more lovable. It's a pity that the audience is not the Roger she longed for.

Countless stories educate the audience that when there is a beautiful sister or girlfriend next to the heroine, the one who gets true love must be the heroine. Because there are always more wonderful things around beauties, endless dances and endless love. Of course she didn't have time to look at the world map to find the address of her fiancé's letter, and she didn't think there was any incredible beauty in black and dirty beetles. After a long time, the male protagonist who was blinded by beauty finally came to his senses - "some chat" is more important than beauty.

But is it really so? Is it really only when I look back that I can see who is true love? Why do I always feel that he is becoming less and less popular with beautiful women, and his confidence has been frustrated, so I can only turn around and seek compensation from the heroine. If he is attractive enough to beautiful women, even if they do not participate in his hobbies, they will worship him and listen to him attentively. This state can be maintained until there is no greater temptation. The problem is that she is a beauty, or a beauty who can't be devoted. Even if you can stop the war, you can't stop the temptation from coming to her. Later, Henderson, who embraced the beauty, was much smarter - strike while the iron is hot, and use the marriage contract as a prison.

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