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Garry 2022-07-06 10:31:58

The first time I saw the work of Russian animation master Yuri Norriskin was "Little Hedgehog in the Mist", and the emotional feeling was similar to Hayao Miyazaki's reaction back then - it turned out that someone created it in 1975. Such a moving image is subtle, delicate, mysterious, and the imagination has grown wings and flew high without a shadow.

In this 11-minute short film, the little hedgehog in the forest took raspberry jam to go out at night to find the little bear on the other side of the forest to count the stars. The road encountered heavy fog, and the short trip suddenly became mysterious and peculiar. fear. The animated images in the short film are extremely cute and full of childishness. For example, the little hedgehog probes his head and looks left and right on the road, and he has to shout twice to hear the echo when he passes through the hollow tree hole; the big owl that follows the little hedgehog is big but curious. The heart is no less than that of the little hedgehog. He has to use his claws to catch his own reflection in the pond, and he has to learn the way of the little hedgehog and also call the echo to play. And when the dream-like white horse in the fog appeared, my mood was like a little hedgehog, with an incredible sigh, shock and surprise—the most wonderful dream in the world is nothing more than that.

My favorite, of course, is the clip of the little hedgehog lying down in the river: the stars in the velvet night, the white horse looming, the gurgling water with silver light, and a sad little boy holding jam hedgehog. I'm so obsessed with this clip, I've watched it many times. Later, I had a dream myself.

I dreamed of a starry sky with flowers, white clouds taking root on the grass; I dreamed that the sun was hanging low on the surface of the blue planet like morning mist, and all the clouds were trimmed with gold; I dreamed that the rain rose from the earth to the sky , and the hexagonal snowflakes floated and gleamed in the mist of sunlight; I dreamed of a lone oak tree on the boundless plain, the mist rising and falling, the huge crown quivering slightly in the black night sky, and the green leaves were slowly flying towards A universe full of flowers; I dreamed that I walked slowly down the ground from the top of the tree through the twilight and mist, with a hummingbird flying beside me, sucking the dangling tears with its pointed beak; I dreamed of pain With surprise, sadness and happiness, I dreamed of flying, I dreamed of the dream itself.

In the dream in the dream, a sad little hedgehog with jam in his arms is flowing down the gurgling river in the night, with endless stars above his head, and the river around him reflects the starlight, and a horse carries the mist. The white horse flew through the air, and then disappeared.

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Hedgehog in the Fog quotes

  • Hedgehog: [after meeting the owl] Psycho.

  • [first lines]

    Narrator: In the evenings, the little Hedgehog went to the Bear Cub to count stars. They would sit on the log and sip tea, gazing at the starry sky. It hung on the roof, just behind the chimney. To the right of the chimney were the Bear Cub's stars and the stars to the left were the Hedgehog's.