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Mitchell 2022-10-13 23:16:34

It was probably Ashes to Ashes' preconceived idea. I was very excited to see Keeley Hawes again. I thought her character was more neutral and neutral. Who would have thought that aside from her appearance, the heroine was the "Good Girl" who was soft on the outside and firm on the inside. Of course, this does not mean that Cynthia is not a good girl. Although she is diligent and self-willed, dating back to the history of everyone's growth, life has given her the right to pursue happiness. A girl who is not beautiful uses wisdom as her capital and is as beautiful as her. It is possible to make good use of talents. What's more, compared to the mother who is not worthy of Mr Gibson, Cynthia is actually just too casual and has nothing to do with kindness, otherwise the heroine would not be so protective of this sister who appeared halfway.
Most of the classical British dramas are very good at describing human nature. With the cause and effect of life, no one is truly evil, or forced by life, or impulse overcomes reason. Only with a little more understanding can we know the truth. Substitute yourself before you hate someone, and I may not be able to do better after the role is replaced. The front is the sky and the back is the ocean, whichever you choose is good; if you replace it with cliffs and deserts, who knows which hell will be more comfortable. Every character has their own difficulties. From ancient times to the present, black and white are just artistic dreams on the screen.
Like a character is probably not because of the frequent appearance, the aura matches the more pleasing to the eye, Lady Harriet Cumnor belongs to this type, and I may personally love the masculine, straightforward and aristocratic demeanor of the actor himself. I always praise the type I like with aristocratic temperament. I don't know how to start with a detailed explanation. It is probably nothing more than atmosphere, authenticity and calmness, but it is not limited to this.
Compared with Roger's sluggish love, Lady Harriet's attitude towards people and things is really enjoyable. Her neutral character, which is sometimes delicate and sometimes rough, can't help but make other men and women feel sad. Watch some real British interviews, this country has a queen Really rich in women. Such a woman is deserving and arrogant, and the gentleman who appears relatively is also worthy of admiration. Half sea, half flame, perfect personality regardless of gender.

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