My world is like a bubble waiting to be disillusioned

Vern 2022-09-17 23:02:56

David Rousseau foresaw this day more than 200 years ago. I go to the forest, listen to the voice of nature, and understand what nature has to tell us, so that I don't live my life in vain.
The film tells the story of six college friends who experience the end of the world together. Everyone's attitudes and reflections are different, and they also reflect different outlooks on life and values. The relationship between the six people is very complicated, there is a vulgar love triangle relationship, and there is always the warmth of old American movies.
Everything stems from a text message "goodbye, world". This was originally what Lev wanted to say to the world before committing suicide. However, he did not expect that such a simple text message would become the fuse for the collapse of the entire modern world and destroy the entire civilization system.
Hannah's father, James, is the central character of the film. He foresaw that this day would happen, and it was he who prepared early and settled down in Northern California that his old friends would come to the party later and escaped an apocalypse by accident. In fact, his thinking is more inclined to a hermit's thinking. In Chinese Taoism, there is the idea of ​​"retreat after merit", which is also reflected in the fact that he sold the company. In addition, he loves his daughter more than his wife Lily. He makes a bubble for his daughter every day and notes how long the bubble lasts before it explodes. In fact, the world is like a bubble, no matter how long you wait, it will eventually go into disillusionment. Knowing this, I can't help but feel a little heartbroken.
Hannah's mother, Lily, is a hacker. In modern society, hackers can already exist as a profession. Lily is a very interesting person, she will make fun of life, there is a kind of charm about her, a kind of charm that makes life beautiful. She would listen to rap in the morning (the kind played on an old record player), work on her steps, and make up random stories to flirt with her husband.
One of the characters in the film that I disliked very much was Lily's ex-boyfriend, Nick, who represented a group of people who were indecisive, trapped in different feelings, and lost themselves.
Laura, a political woman who works hard for democracy, is very intelligent and independent. He dared to debate with his teacher when he was a student, and finally won the debate. She also drills wood to make fire. She should be a man of the school, but such people don't get along well in society. People who read books like Becky are better suited to society.
Becky, Nick's wife, is an optimist who believes this is a wonderful world. Running every morning is like a representative of women in the new era. She is confident, successful and hardworking. In the school days, she studied hard and did not know how to socialize. She was a weried girl in the eyes of everyone. She cares about her family. When she learns that the end is coming, she immediately thinks of her own family. She is also the most realistic person, who accepts reality the fastest and responds immediately. I have to say that such a person can gain a foothold in society. A full, mature female.
Benjay is a man with a dream, a personal pursuit, and a love for Starbucks. He traveled everywhere to promote his ideals and went to prison for his ideals.
Ariel, the girlfriend Benjy brought back. She couldn't fit into the lives of the six of them, leaked the secrets of the storage room, and ended up hanging out with the GIs, even though she couldn't bear it when the GIs beat the six. First of all, I won't make a bad evaluation of the character itself, but this character reminds me of the masses. The masses are ignorant. They don't have their own ideas. Whoever benefits them will support them. Therefore, they are also pathetic, and they are often exploited.
Finally, there is the little girl Hannah, a loyal supporter of the daily bubble. What she symbolizes is a carefree, idealistic life where people come together and express a yearning for the pure and beautiful things in life.
In short, these are several people with completely different values, but they are gathered together because of the apocalypse. Their approach is also based on the so-called old world laws of democracy. Democracy is used all the time, in all kinds of jokes, in all kinds of debates, and they scoff at food rationing. In the film, you can clearly see the six people's rejection of the American soldiers, which is actually the rejection of the food ration system. Because the film is from the standpoint of food holders, the director also puts the audience in such a perspective, these foods and medicines are ours, and subtly, the audience will feel a sense of belonging to the food, and will naturally reject it Those American soldiers. However, if we are refugees on the farm, and we have no food or medicine, then we will naturally support the soldier who stands for food rationing.
The film finally returns to warmth, people unite, return to the primitive farming society, and spend the end of the world together. Indeed, what this film is trying to tell us, it may be a judgment on the social system and outlook on life, or it may be a wake-up call for the malaise of modern society, or something else, depending on how you understand it.

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