Just a word for young girls

Christiana 2022-07-11 18:01:35

Only the sentence Zhou Xun asked before his death, "Your Highness, are you still lonely?" made my heart hurt a bit, my nose was sore, and I was about to cry.

It is said in the movie that if someone understands, they will not be lonely. The young girl was always considered to be the one who didn't understand, so no one tried to understand her. But compared to the many worries that Empress Wan has to worry about, the young girl is much simpler, her world has only people, and her life has only one person. The person she loves does not love her, and the great sorrow is melted into warm love by her, to melt the loneliness of another person.

Because of this sentence, the night banquet was upgraded from a poor level to a good one.

In fact, those hatreds of the country and the family, those bitter and deep hatreds, are not comparable to the sincere love of a woman. And those huge investments are not as powerful as such a line.

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