Feng Xiaogang's ambition

Kimberly 2022-07-11 20:13:54

Go to the dinner party.
I've grown into a habit of eating: saving the best and most anticipated things for last. It is said that this is the performance of the poor, the rich always eat the best first, and then be happy. I have always been looking forward to Feng Xiaogang, and I have an indescribable obsession with Ge You, so I am very fond of Ye Yuan and dragons. I used Taobao's lottery to tell myself the reason for the delay. Although I am so old, I have no luck in winning the lottery.
There were still many people in the theater on Monday afternoon, all watching the night party.
Without "Heroes" and "House of Flying Daggers", "Night Banquet" might have amazed the world.
The geisha at the beginning was very similar to Japanese Noh drama. The bloody dance music and Wu Yanzu's bloodshot eyes polluted the lightness of the bamboo forest behind them, but they were very stage effects. The scorpion made by Naina's computer is also not like "Wuji", it is very delicate crawling, although the speed is slow, I still think old-fashioned, if I edited it myself, it would be Wuluan's tears soaking on the map, and the watermark appeared "Night Banquet". " of the characters.
Speaking of the interpretation of "Ham Lett" by this story, the screenwriter can be considered to have thoroughly grasped the essence of Shakespeare. The lines are long and unrealistic to us in modern times, but it is indeed possible in the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms. It’s just that Youzhou Jiedushi was obviously too specific, and Shi Siming’s generation from An Lushan made me focus on the “Chinese History Compendium” to find the possible source of this emperor, which delayed a bit of the mood of the plot.
At first glance, it looks like a show. The art looks like the French court in the 18th century. I have an expectation for Sofia Coppola's "Queen Margot". I think the color effect is likely to be the same. The scheduling of the extras is really good, but this film The trend is too obvious, it is to smack the tongues of foreigners instead of entertaining Chinese people.
There was no laughter in our game. Ge You's joy was deeply rooted in the people's bones, but his performance was hesitant. I finally realized that his setting was a lover, but the real lecher in those lines was a monkey. In a hurry, kicking the quilt is a feeling of detail.
If it is Chen Baoguo and the like to interpret this emperor, it is likely to be more affectionate, and it is also a supporting actor in a romance novel: I love you until I kill my brother and kill my nephew, and I exchange my life for a single drop of serious tears. Of course, this is a small pattern of romance writers.
Hamlet is not my cup of tea, Wu Luan is more obvious, and the play in the rain with the young girl is basically rape, Wu Yanzu's hesitant nature is the most suitable, love can't wait, he is a coward, it is good to die.
Zhou Xun is old. The little brother who watched the movie with me said regretfully, I saw her skinny shoulders, although her expression was still the same as clear water, but her eyes were bloodshot and not as innocent as Xiao Taiping. Time is really fair to everyone.
Xiao S said in her pregnancy diary that she never regretted it, always said absolutely... and then overturned it. One lesson I've learned from romance novels is: Never say absolutes, you'll anger the god of fate. When Feng Xiaogang's comedy was a big hit, he declared to those who said he was vulgar that he wanted to go all the way to the end and please the audience. He now regrets it too. The reputation of international famous directors is more attractive, I can understand this, but it is a pity for my own entertainment. I am also a selfish viewer.
Before watching "The Banquet", I deliberately avoided all relevant comments. The editing is the pain of the actors. It's a pity that Huang Xiaoming and Zhou Xun's brothers and sisters are ambiguous. Only two sentences are unclear. A sister who loves women deeply, so the drama is good.
The younger brother said that this drama is a TV series. The number of ways of "Da Ming Palace Ci" is in the cinema, and the audience always twists and turns. I don't have any doubts about who stabbed Wanhou with the knife, it's just that if I have such a conspiracy Let the commentator make it up. One of those who died is always alive, and Wuluan is the most sinister and the most sinister. Only in this way is it interesting and in line with the most beautiful chapter of human hearts in the history books.
The last word is about music. If Noh dramas are featured with Chinese characteristics, why would you want Zhang Liangying and others to sing popular songs? Let’s just use real ancient music. Tang poems are lyrics, only Zhengxun can do it. Comparable to the Scottish bagpipes, acting in a full set, it is worse if it is not Chinese or Western, all those who survive in the cracks are dangerous, and Feng Xiaogang's ambition is the same.

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