Watch the saliva of "Night Banquet"

Eloy 2022-07-11 20:28:28

It is estimated that at the end of this year, the media will compare the three works together: "Levelless", "Night Banquet" and "Golden Armor in the City". Although the excitement of "Levelless" was at the end of last year, it did not prevent it from being brought out by the media again, mainly because it has a strong comparison, and interesting talk is often generated in comparison.

First of all, the three directors are famous and have a delicate relationship, and they are three pillars in the mainstream camp of Chinese films; secondly, the lineup is strong, any protagonist, supporting role, music, photography, beauty finger is taken out, which one is not a well-known first-line person; Thirdly, it can be roughly The land is classified as ancient costumes, with gorgeous costumes, grand interior and exterior scenes, and unlimited imagination; finally, they have brought unexpected entertainment elements to the public. "Golden Armor" has also been tampered with by word games beyond recognition.

After watching "The Banquet", I texted a friend and said that it was really a bloody farce. This may be unfair to Director Zhang, so we can only wait for the arrival of the "Golden Armor" with a little luck.

At the premiere of "Night Banquet", Director Feng himself positioned "Night" as a collection of commercial films and literary films. Commercial films compete at the box office. I believe that "The Banquet" is definitely not a problem. Among the Lunar New Year films over the years, Director Feng has completed the blue-chip stocks that are highly sought after at the box office; plus "Director Feng's transformation" is inciting the market that likes to find novelty, plus With the addition of many famous actors, which one is not the catalyst for the box office?

No one will criticize the plot of a commercial film, as long as the scene is grand, the music is pleasant, and the actors are eye-catching, it can be called a successful commercial film; "The Banquet" is not inferior in this regard, Ge You, Zhang Ziyi, Wu Yanzu, Zhou Xun, Huang Yaoming, Ma Jingwu ... Tan Dun, Ye Jintian, Yuan Heping... works under such a lineup, put in any book, the box office will skyrocket.

Literary and artistic films fight stories. Telling a complete story that can be self-justified is the foundation. The human situation reflected behind a good story is an improvement, and a story that can be recognized and resonated widely is called the essence. And this is precisely what I think is the biggest failure of "The Banquet".

Emperor Li, played by Ge You, after killing his brother to seize the throne and forcibly occupying Wan, sent Yu Lin army several times to put the prince in a mortal situation, and set an example for the murder of the remaining party of the late emperor; such an ambitious, meticulous, murderous and suspicious person , brother murder is out of a desire for power, women are just an incidental gift. Since it is impossible for such a person to give up the country he has acquired for the so-called love, would he willingly commit suicide for the love that contains evil intentions? The dignity of an emperor is based on killing, and those who obey me prosper and those who disobey me perish. Would such an emperor feel that his dignity was ruined and his life was hopeless because the prince staged a well-known murder at the night banquet? In fact, what really needs a laugh is not Ge You's lame lines, but the fact that an emperor who "wanted the country" actually died on "beauty" and "face", which makes people feel a little unbelievable.

Empress Wan, played by Zhang Ziyi, became the one who had the last laugh. Her ambiguous relationship with the prince, Wuluan, wandered in every corner of the film. All her actions seemed to help the prince regain the throne; the last 10 minutes , Lu Zhuanfenghui, what she wants is not a lover who is an emperor, but a self who is an emperor. Such a turnaround is beyond reproach. Perhaps the biggest foreshadowing of the film. It's just that I personally think that Zhang Lai's role in this role is a little weak, and her stubbornness and tenacity are her biggest characteristics, not ruthlessness.

The dialogue between the Yin father and son played by Huang Xiaoming and Ma Jingwu before the banquet made me feel that the whole scene finally had a bright spot. The father looked into his son's eyes and said, why can't you (be the emperor)? The son was startled at first, then his expression sank. At this moment, the theme of "desire" is really undercurrent. It's a pity that when it came to the Hongmen banquet, the development of the story did not allow the father and son to bring more surprises to everyone, and the highlights were fleeting.

The prince Wuluan played by Wu Yanzu may have the melancholy aristocratic temperament that Feng Dao admires, but such a person who bears the bloody revenge for killing his father always feels like a weak and helpless prince in distress, who can't afford it. The task of revenge.

The role of the young girl played by Zhou Xun is really a supporting role. Her existence is used to demonstrate the paleness and powerlessness of family love before desire, and the purity and weakness of love in the face of the turbulent court battle. It's a pity that the description of family and love is too understatement. The only thing that people remember is the Yueren singing and dancing in the last scene.

Behind "The Banquet", the whole text is about "desire". The biggest shock that "desire" can leave people is not the stark contrast between those gorgeous scenes and the sinister human heart, but the temptation, imagination, fear and agitation hidden in our hearts. Perhaps we should all learn from the Italian director Tona Torre. "The Pianist at Sea" compares the historical background of the Nuggets fever and immigration wave with "1900", a pianist who has never left the ship for half a step. In a restless society, on one side is a black and white world composed of 88 piano keys. Everyone yearns for the ideal other side of the Statue of Liberty. 1900 also has desires, but in the end, the hazy love did not overcome the fear that the strange world gave him, and the desire was reduced in this way. . He can navigate between 88 keyboards with ease, but the land, "The land is too big a ship for me, too beautiful a woman, too long a journey, too strong a perfume, too much music to start with. I can never Get off this boat, in this case, I would rather give up my life."

Desire in life is a game.

The desire of "The Banquet" may directly point to the Oscar for best foreign language film this year, so in the context of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms, it is not difficult to see the Yulin army dressed as a Western medieval warrior and dramas such as "Dirty Deal" Customized line design. If it is really out of such considerations, it is suggested that the second person to learn from the director should be Teacher Yu from New Oriental. Because his original purpose is very clear, that is to let more people go to study in the United States smoothly, so all the courses of New Oriental are aimed at coping with the TOFEL and GRE exams, and the guessing rate is quite high. Instead of guessing, it is better to study the best foreign language films of the Oscars over the years, so as not to be uninspired. As for the much-studied "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", it can be avoided.

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