36D's Great Leap Forward

Berenice 2022-07-11 19:21:25

These days, it is not only young people who buy cars and houses in the city who are old, but also some people who play movies, such as "Dinner" and "Golden Armor" by the current hot. It can be seen from the blockbuster films that the so-called three major directors in China have released one after another, they are all the same raccoon dog, and they are all addicted to the blockbuster and unable to extricate themselves. You nibble on Lao Ha's "Hamlet", and I nibble on Cao Ou's famous drama "Thunderstorm", which is actually a decline in imagination and creativity. Didn't Brother Jintao call on the people of the whole country to innovate? As soon as the blockbuster came out, urban men and women all over the country went to contribute to the box office and create public opinion, so the film was criticized everywhere. Prosperity is a raging fire.

After reading the entertainment news of "Newspapers in the South" one day, Director Feng Xiaogang, who wanted to go to the world to make blockbusters, said to the reporter with a serious face, "I don't understand the laughter in the media screening room!" His old man and the screenwriter were interviewed successively, and they expressed their doubts about the audience who laughed 7 times in the preview - is this the quality of your reporters? The two said sternly: Why do the reporters laugh? It's definitely not that our script is poorly written, filmed, or the actors are funny, but the quality of the reporters is a problem! The teacher who is about to go to kindergarten ordered the children: I declare, no laughing! This is Shakespeare, this is Hamlet, I am Feng Buckya, no laughing! Don't laugh if you support domestic movies! Don't speak ill of it! ! !

Afterwards, an expert analyzed: Director Feng is definitely a treasure, and he can be considered a top student based on his past grades, but when faced with the first big-budget blockbuster in literary and ancient costumes in his life, he will inevitably also have Chen Kaige. The mentality problem, this is a matter of worrying about gains and losses, it is difficult to ride a tiger, this is a transformation work, this time the ball is a bit big.

It is said that after hearing the good news, such as the audience's score of 7.55 (10 points out of 10) in the media survey after the release, and the national box office reaching 60 million in the first weekend (and will continue to exceed 100 million), director Feng Xiaogang is like a hibernating worm. I'm lazy, ah, the sky is starting to light, today's weather seems to be wrong, I know how much the final box office will be? Finally got through the cold night, winter has come, will spring be far behind? ! The word of mouth and box office that make him worry are all trending towards the good side. It is said that his next step is to completely sink K Ge Chen and stink, get closer to 1 Mou Zhang, and then get rid of Zhang Guoshi in a certain year and replace him, completing the trilogy that dominates the Chinese film industry.

After donating more than 20 yuan on a half-price day on a certain Tuesday, I left a question in my heart: who killed Zhang Ziyi? The most likely one is Xu Fan. She is extremely jealous of Zhang Ziyi being the heroine. My dear husband keeps himself at home as a yellow-faced woman. Who am I? Back then, my aunt and I was a "just girl" and Yuko's old friend in the play. But it seems to be Feng Buckya, Buckya Director Xiao Gang will report a dream to his younger brother tomorrow evening (this trick is learned from a young girl), and his old man said: Is Zhang Ziyi dead? Then "Breakfast", "Lunch" and "Afternoon Tea", I am not seeking to replace Zhang Guoshi now, I am going to challenge An Li, the first Chinese director, to eat and drink porridge, noodles, and rice, and Lao Tzu will make several episodes in eight series, so that the whole The collective indigestion of the Chinese in the world, let the foreign students salivate not only on my Chinese 50-year-old extensive and profound food culture, and dominate the international film circle in food movies (however, I want to emphasize for Jintao classmates, in other aspects, we China definitely does not seek hegemony).

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