Bubble is only a few seconds at a time, stick to it, maybe there is a future.

Derick 2022-09-17 23:52:54

Not a professional film critic, just expressing personal feelings does not represent the true meaning of the film. As foreigners, we do not understand the thinking of the people under the social system in the United States and Europe. It is limited to the scope of personal knowledge. Not everyone in every country will be able to freely talk about the social system of their country and express their personal feelings. Americans say: Hey, does America have a future? What kind of president is this, they talk about laughing and never complaining about things like that, and they even scold you for how bad our government is, but they won't be happy when you talk to the Germans in Erroth.
As a representative country of European countries, the United States has a relatively broad democracy. But judging from the film, it is clear that some people will have opinions. This is not radical, just like there are radicals in China, any form of government or, to put it simply, is like the monitor of a class, who will not let every student all like him. But this film probably represents the latent impulse of the majority of the American public.
There are many metaphors in the film. People who are not natives can only rely on their own knowledge to understand the film. Due to my limited knowledge, I can only understand some of the metaphors. Among them, the man caught in the mouse trap And the only one in the film thinks that children represent a level, an ideal society and an advocate. Using a child to interpret it simply represents the beauty, simplicity, immaturity and truth of an ideal society. "The mousetrap man represents ordinary people who strongly want to change the status quo but have no real power." The mousetrap is not powerful enough to kill people, but it makes it difficult for a few people who are alone. The daily bubble and the pink teddy bear are actually exchange metaphors. The pink teddy bear is perfectly docile and easy to accept but looks like a bubble. Although it is within reach, it is not real. It will break at any time and it does not belong to anyone. "Daily Bubble" It is illusory and beautiful, but it remains in the hearts of the people because of people's persistence. The hair-dyed girlfriend brought by the mousetrap man to this group of friends is the real people. Whoever gives him a firm belief will follow whoever, human society for thousands of years. , what the common people pursue is a stable life from generation to generation, just like this hair-dyed girlfriend, as normal and undemanding as normal physiological needs, and finally when the soldier insults the female advocate (or the forward who represents the people's thoughts) The outlook on life and values ​​of the hair-dyed girlfriend (people) have been shaken. The ability to judge the good and the bad, the good and the bad, the beauty and the ugliness will only tend to be inclined when the appearance and appearance of danger appear together, which is really sad. There are still many metaphors limited to the level and not much commentary.

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