Goodbye old world

Hannah 2022-09-17 11:18:05

Wonderful and easy to watch movie.
The end of the world comes like every yesterday, no explosions, no gunpowder, no zombies and monsters.

The actors are very small, although they all look very familiar, the characters they control are clear
and not obscure or difficult to understand . The person who is not superficial

and destroys the world happens to be your classmate and friend
, and when you are destroying the world, you find yourself facing yourself, and it is the reason that ultimately decides whether you can survive or not.

The music VI of the film company is very similar to the theme song of Plants vs. Zombies.

I step into the jungle because I want life to be meaningful.
I want to live deeply, absorb all the essence
of life and destroy everything that is not in life
. At the end of life, to find that we have never lived

our world is like a bubble waiting to be destroyed

and everything we live on is fragile, and learned to deceive ourselves to
be a few friends, reunited at the end of the world
away from the once let We 're

blind , deaf , silent be free man or slaves The fate of unborn millions will now depend under God on the courage and conduct of this army

We must therefore resolve to conquer or die.

The enemy is us
Each moment is an agreement.
An agreement to live in a certain kind of world
which is the way it's always been
We've just pretended like it was

n't How to write a movie review
I just think, before the end, can we maintain restraint and rationality
without losing ourselves, face ourselves, face our
family, face our emotions, face our
old feelings ,
face our naive self
, face our mistakes Facing the world of GOODBYE
with huge reboot mode

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