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Charley 2022-09-17 21:21:42

The first time I wrote a movie review, I was nervous ???

The reviews of this movie are mostly polarized, but I personally think this movie is pretty good. The whole movie takes the apocalypse as the background but completely uses the dialogue between the protagonists to hold up the plot. The protagonists male and female spend the beginning and end of the apocalypse in a wild hut together with a few friends they once knew together. . The plot is probably like this, too much fear of thunder. .

This movie has a lot of metaphors for the director and screenwriter's pretending ambitions. No doubt
, let's talk about Bubble first. Bubble has been narrated from the earliest times, symbolizing the world we have always lived in, the world that has been waiting for collapse, and it is also similar to the ending bubble The existence of more than 12 seconds echoes to form a happy ending, which symbolizes that human beings still have hope after the catastrophe, and can still start a new and perhaps a better world. .
Besides the protagonist, the male one and everyone else, including the soldiers and male one, and most of the people in the film represent people of different classes and personalities in Western society. The male lead is in most of the movies. The male protagonist loves his wife more than his daughter and has a developed but sometimes cramping mind. Such a small character is actually by our side, and the portrayal of the male lead also accentuates the film's praise for the family. The female first represents those cheerful, lively, optimistic and positive girls in Western society who often enjoy novelty things like texting suck dick with former friends, learning hacking skills with black people, and listening to pop music on an old-fashioned record player. , love rap, etc. Most of them have a very good relationship with the opposite sex and a bit of a chaotic private life. Sometimes they are a bit tangled in the face of choices (this may only be realized when you go abroad and have a few foreign girls). There is a girl like the first female, and there is a second male (that is, the man who cheated on the female first), and a man like the indecision feels like any girl has a leg. In stark contrast to them is the second female (the second male wife) who is religious, mature and stable, responsible for the family and loyal to her husband (before cheating) (the second female is the only one of them who decides when the end times come or common sense to go back to their parents and admit they have faith). The third male (that is, the guy who got into a fight with a slaughter girl) symbolizes the angry youth of Western society, they are solid conspiracy theorists who have no hope for the government of this country, think it is all a lie, but most of them It's all civilians who have unlimited enthusiasm for some things and can't do much because of their limited ability. It's like going down a mountain to fight a soldier and accidentally stepping on a trap. Killing Matt represents those young people at the bottom of the western society, their exaggerated dress, messy sex life, full of swear words all try to cover up their inner helplessness and intrinsic weakness, they seem scary and like to quarrel with others, But they also need help and warmth. Soldiers, three men, one man, and more or less helped her. The existence of Lao Hei reflects the character of each person I mentioned above in an all-round way because (in fact, I don't know which group of people Lao Hei refers to, I just want to mention Laura quickly) All the above People make up a small American society to shine their light on a new world in times of crisis. Laura is different from everyone else in the film. Laura symbolizes the people who have led mankind through difficulties in history. Just like Washington, Laura eventually led everyone to start a new life. At the end we can see Laura. Take a blood and give an important speech to the crowd (Washington's speech). Echoing Laura, the villain soldier represents the villain who takes advantage of the situation in troubled times. A few small characters in the whole film outline the shadow of a Western society, coupled with the background of the apocalypse, the director and screenwriter show us the complete process of a Western society going through the apocalypse in front of us through metaphors. A world that takes more than 12 seconds to start a new life under the leadership of a heroic character.

The movie can be given 8 and a half points. The actors' acting skills are good but their looks are not high. The dialogue is easy to be boring, but if you calm down and watch this film and spend some time abroad, you will understand that this is a low-cost costume. big pussy movie

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