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For a long time, Feng Xiaogang and Ge You have been another hilarious performance of Feng-style humor, but no one could have imagined that they could play the pathetic ancient imperial court together, and it was so successful. The movie "Night Banquet" tells the story of a certain country during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period. Emperor Li killed his brother Shi Jun to seize the throne and robbed the beautiful queen Wan. Empress Wan sent someone to inform her former lover, Prince Wuluan, who successfully escaped the pursuit of his uncle and went to the official court for revenge. Wanhou sees Wuluan and is jealous of his love with Qingnv, so she banishes Qingnv and asks Qingnv's brother to save Wuluan. At the last night banquet, everyone was buried by desire, and Empress Wan was also killed after she ascended the throne. This story largely adopts the shadow of the famous Western drama "Hamlet", so it has a bit of Shakespeare in the dialogue. At the beginning of the film is the singing and dancing of the prince Wuluan. After the official beginning, the queen, played by Zhang Ziyi, walks slowly in the solemn palace in full costume, which establishes the extremely elegant style and tone of the whole film. Commercial films have always highlighted the grandeur of the scene, but the director chose black as the base color for the film. Black is oppressive, cold, and elegant, which also reflects the way the story is expressed. The exterior is overcast or cloudy, the natural light is dark, and the interior is only lit by weak candles, which easily creates a heavy and slow visual effect, and handles the elegance of the royal family very well. In music, the eastern ancient music is more gentle and simple, while the western cello and vocal accompaniment add a grand feeling to it. In the picture of the banquet of ministers, the toasting movements of the emperor and the queen accompanied the ups and downs of the music, and the strong male vocal accompaniment made the dignified temperament even more unparalleled. In terms of lines, "The Banquet" is more inclined to stage sentences than ordinary movies. The words are full of emotion, as if they were recited, and the words are also very gorgeous. The dialogue is not a description or a direct narration, but has many hidden meanings. The actors' movements and expressions are also exaggerated. It is more appropriate to say that it is a royal poem recitation rather than a dialogue. There are few close-up shots in the movie, and most of them are long-range and panoramic views. In dances or fights, a large number of 180-degree lenses are used for shooting. In order to make the whole film look more elegant, the director used a lot of slow motion, fighting, running, and dancing, all of which changed the rhythm in the later stage, so as to dance to the sound and to the music. In the costumes and props, the palace is magnificent, the clothes are extravagant, the face of each woman is as pale as paper, plus the red lips and the phoenix crown, everyone has become a gorgeous and elegant song on the European stage. The one, shining brightly. As Feng Xiaogang's transformational work, "The Banquet" has mobilized several first-line stars and huge sums of money. Although the box office is more than enough, there are shortcomings in the handling of the story. It is a little messy, and the theme is not clear. But after all, it is a transition period between commercialization and sadness, and Feng Xiaogang's "Night Banquet" has been praised for following the crowd. Maybe it's not good enough in terms of story, but its elegant style is enough to enjoy some praise. "Night Banquet" also started Feng Xiaogang's "sorrowful" journey. After that, "Assembly" and "Tangshan Earthquake" are among the best. Boutique. Paving the way with "elegance", he has finally become a favorite of the fifth generation of directors!

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