Acting cannot be ignored

Harley 2022-10-22 15:56:54

I like the movie characters created by Zhang Ziyi very much, especially Miss Gong Er, Yu Jiaolong, Sayuri, and this time the empress. The appeal and tension of the performance are just right and resonate. The first-generation master Gong Er was seriously ill, and the black-clothed red lips told Ye Wen, Mr. Ye, all encounters in the world are reunions after a long absence. The voice, the eyes are never tired of seeing. The women she created were proud and stubborn. And I admire such people and want to become such people. Besides the night banquet, there are trees and branches in the mountains, the heart is very shocking, and the mask and white robe are mysterious and taboo. I remember watching Hamlet when I was a child, and the dark tones are very scary. The same is true of watching the night banquet when I grow up, especially when I think of the Yue Nu sword that stabbed at the end, it is even more cold. In fact, this movie did not have a lot of echoes, but I was more curious about the Yue Girl Sword, and gathered up my courage to save up my strength to watch Mr. Jin Yong's "Yue Girl Sword". As a result, it took less than half an hour to read in Mao's class, which was really hearty and a little disappointing. I recently chased the 95th edition of The Legend of Condor Heroes. During this period, I will definitely read the original book, and I probably won't watch too many movies.

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