Don't watch the subtitles made by "hundreds of millions of fan subtitles"

Libbie 2022-09-19 20:33:02

This show can be compared to the movie version of DAS BOOT. In terms of details, the TV version can show submarine fans the submarine structure they want to see, the relationship and life of the crew members in more detail than the 293-minute movie version. I haven't finished watching the whole drama, so I came here to advise my compatriots who haven't watched this drama yet, don't waste time watching the subtitled video of "Hundreds of Thousands of Fans Subtitles Group", the subtitles are the ones I've seen before. The most rubbish in history, the translation in many places can be said to be made up, the donkey's lips are not the horse's mouth, just like the primary school students who played all summer and did not do any homework in the summer vacation, they were driven out two days before the start of school to deal with the assignments. , for example, the conversation between the captain and the US military officer in the 46th minute of episode 4, so i could let us drift off our course for a few minutes, you can make a run for the cover of the storm, my English is average , but you can also hear these words, but the subtitle team translated "off the course for a few minutes" into "Will you accept it?" buy you some time translated into "I only need your answer", "you can use Storm escape" translates to "won't sink us". Unless you can understand German, French, and English, you will often be confused about the plot because of the misleading subtitles. I later downloaded a suppressed version of "Curved Subtitles". This is not good or bad, At least the translation is normal (I really don't care). Although the resources provided by netizens are all free, many netizens are of course grateful to the subtitle group, but what is this flawed subtitle group made by your subtitle group "Hundreds of Millions of Fan Subtitles" to tarnish such a good film. It is more appropriate to change the name to the random subtitle group or the loophole subtitle group.

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