Because it was too boring, I wrote a review of "The Headless Horseman".

Edgardo 2022-07-15 19:11:38

My feeling can be summed up in one sentence as "the dazzling work of a dull science student", as if performing a waist-down calligraphy. Audience: Awesome, then what? It looks gorgeous but it's actually meaningless. The four parts of "The Headless Rider" add up to 62 episodes. There are more than 50 colored characters. If I am not wrong, there are 7 heavy colored characters. The middle school student group's Longzhifeng Teijin, Kita Masaki, Sonohara Anri and the adult group Orihara Rinya, Silla, Heiwajima Shizuo and the Headless Horseman Celti. Although it is impossible to judge whether the distribution is reasonable by the number of people, in terms of the unique narrative method of this work, there are indeed too many people, and there are some meanings that the priority is not divided. I guess the reason why the author chose to use multiple perspectives to narrate should come from a passage from Sister Sai at the end of the first season. I can’t remember the specifics. The general idea is that every seemingly ordinary person also has his own story. Many ordinary people Things that are incomprehensible at first glance, if you stand from the perspective of the parties, maybe it is common sense to do that. But the core of this idea should lie in the misunderstanding of the face and the reversal of the inside. It is a pity that this work does not express this truth well, which is a pity in my opinion. There are two story lines in this work, and the bright line is the movement of Celti's head. The opening scene begins with the head being stolen by Yagiri Seiji, who loves the head, and Rin, who was caught by the prisoner Seiji's sister, Poe's weakness, was traded by an organization engaged in black trade, retrieved by Saijie, and finally by Saijie's old husband. Sent away for research. But in fact, starting from the middle part of the first part, Sister Sai is not very persistent in looking for her head. The role of Sister Sai's head as a clue for the whole work is very weak. . This is actually very funny. In the case that this clue is obviously far-fetched, it is difficult to describe him at the beginning and end with him. My understanding is that the author wants to achieve the integrity of his work, and he strongly wants to tell the audience that I use him to string the whole story, which is very blunt. How to say, it seems like sewing clothes, a very obvious sewing thread is sewn on the surface of the cloth, the thickness is different, intermittent, winding and rugged, not very good-looking. I personally think that Sister Sai's greatest role should lie in her inhumanity, but in this work, this is only a flash in the pan, which is a pity. There are also some other non-human beings (Jiuluri, Anri Sonohara, Shige Kashigi, etc., why are they all girls?), which should be able to express the thoughts of another main character (Rinya Orihara) in this work. out more stuff. Another line is on the Dragon Peak Emperor, focusing on the fate of the Colorless Gang established by the Dragon Peak Emperor. From nothing, to a loose and casual organization that exists in name only to the moment when the collective strength can be exerted, showing his positive side, and then slowly The shortcomings of the organization are exposed, as well as the change in the mood of the founder, Ryuzhifeng Teijin, who is closely connected to it. Compared to the other line, it is actually a bit more coherent and powerful. I am thinking about the relationship between these two lines and how to arrange them reasonably in the work. After careful thinking, I feel that these two lines are not lines that can be summed up and run to the same place. They essentially express two different things, both of which have their own value. They are parallel in the same story. It's a bit awkward, where a choice has to be made, weakening one and giving it a full exposition to make it end, then maximizing the other. But the author seems to like both, and doesn't want to lose any of them. In order to emphasize the colorless gang's line, the role of the Saijie line is infinitely weakened, but he is afraid of losing his original intention and forced to use the Saijie line to string the audience. His entanglement created this The embarrassment of the work. Then talk about the people in this work. The barrage has always been in popular science group portrait dramas without a protagonist, making people quite speechless. The Red House of the Three Kingdoms is actually a group portrait drama, and Water Margin is a famous group portrait drama. The group portrait drama is not an unreasonable reason for the author to focus on the characters. By the way, this anime barrage has turned into elementary school fights and cp fights since the second part. I can't watch it at all. The author seems to have a little misunderstanding of the main audience of his works. This kind of bells and whistles is easy to blow At first glance, it is the love of elementary school students! Let's talk one by one who I think is the main character. The titular protagonist of this work, Sister Sai, is mainly responsible for selling cuteness and taking responsibility for bugs. When there is something that doesn't make sense, the universal patch Sister Sai is online. Anyway, she is not human and can do anything. Again, it's a pity. Silla, a very principled and purposeful person. I made a choice about my life early, what I like and what I want to do, it will not be easily influenced, the friends I identify are willing to give all the trust, and the people who fall in love will bravely move forward, and for everything around me I am willing to face it with an attitude of tolerance and respect, without interfering or preventing, and focusing on my own life. It is a character I like very much. Shizuo Heiwajima, great man, please marry Varona immediately! I've moved the Civil Affairs Bureau, hurry up! It's better to have a few mixed-race babies, ah ah ah kswl! ! ! ! Ji Tianzhengchen, a rare normal person, can't seem to say the same. It should be said that he is a rare person with relatively positive three views and relatively normal thinking. He founded the Yellow Gang, because he accidentally hurt his girlfriend due to careless management. He was hurt and escaped from the problem. He found a former friend and wanted to seek comfort from his friend and return to an ordinary life. . Zhengchen may be a little cowardly, but he is also actively looking for solutions to the problem, resisting all kinds of temptations, and after receiving an education, he clearly understands that the Yellow Turban Thieves are just a gang for children to play with. Still quite mature. Anri Sonohara, I wonder if the author is a little discriminatory against women? Nonsense, don't scold me. Anri as one of the protagonists, the character image is too thin, it seems that it took a lot of episodes to describe Anri, but the character image is still thin like a piece of paper. If I have to summarize Anri's character, not using sin songs to do bad things shows her kindness, not being controlled by sin songs shows her strength, and then her own mantra "I'm just a parasite" reflects her character. Cowardly, afraid of things. Then I have nothing to say, because she is such a character in this work, in fact, there is nothing particularly worth talking about. The value of her existence is the song of sin and the effect of the song of sin. In the following films, it has been weakened into an accessory for the male protagonists, a plot tool person, which is also a pity. Orihara Linya, he needs psychological correction, the bear child is too boring. Also, what was the trigger for the change from being indifferent to people in middle school to being full of human types later, it was not explained clearly in the anime, which is quite strange. Orihara Rin also explained all his actions as "I like humans so much, I like to see various reactions and behaviors of human beings." Walk a little more, go to more places, meet more people, what can't you see? Do things, do things, do things that you are paralyzed! If you catch me, it's a beating. So in fact, Lin Ye's reason is inexplicable to explain his behavior. He should just like the feeling of playing with people, because human reactions and emotions are unpredictable, and there is no iron rule that applies to everything, and there is no trace to follow. No matter how complicated the game is, it is edited according to a certain algorithm, find the law and decipher it, and people can be above any game. If the universe is vast and there is endless space to be explored, however, the laws of physics are unchanged. With time, all the secrets will be solved one day. And people are different, there is no law to use, it is always unknown, always a mystery, I guess this is the attraction of human beings s reason. Lin also needs beatings from academic bigwigs. Do you think it is easy to do academics? It's amazing, I'll give you three points to count as a day, and if you're exhausted, see if you still have the energy to do things! Finally, I personally think that the real protagonist, Emperor Longzhifeng, is also the one with the most attentive character. Teijin really hates a stinky kid. The promotion of the plot of this work is basically related to him, but there is not much here from his own will. He was pushed away by others and thought it was his own choice. When the colorless gang was first established, the purpose was unclear, and they were not prepared to be responsible for the gang. I went on the road without making any preparations, but because I was complacent about my feat, I couldn’t resist the temptation of power, and I didn’t know what was the most important thing around me. It was inevitable that I would be used by others. The growth and blackening mentioned by the last barrage also feel ridiculous to me. The Dragon Peak Emperor didn't grow much, he just finally started to use power and pretend to be fierce as a matter of course. Of course he can use this power, but he has never dared to use it. In fact, he wants to use it, but he wants to pretend to be a hypocrite. If he uses his power, it will be contrary to the original intention of the gang. The way he threatens Kadida and Aoba is really naive and ridiculous. It's too obvious to win over, it's very low-level, and it's funny to pretend to be pitiful after showing his fangs, and no one will believe you. ? The essence is still to obtain inner satisfaction, and by acting as a little pitiful, he convinces himself that "I used to pretend, I am not really weak and incompetent". Teijin didn't understand, what was the reason for the gang gathering? It's because they have a common purpose, or their expectations are linked to the main will of the gang, so everyone came; the reason why the gang leader can be the leader is that he has enough ability as the leader to lead the gang in the right direction , has a deterrent effect on the gang, and can also be responsible for the gang. Ji Tian Zhengchen, Aoba Black Marsh, and Xiao Liu have these characteristics more or less. Those serious gang bosses will not talk about them, but Teijin does not have these characteristics, so he is destined to be only a puppet. being used. Orihara also said that he liked him, but I think he should not like him very much. Rin also clearly showed excitement a few times when his chess pieces acted unexpectedly against his will, and the human being he was most interested in, Heiwajima Shizuo, was also a person who did not follow his will at all. , and Teijin walked on the pit dug for him every step of the way. He was very happy that this chess piece was so obedient, but he was also very angry. Why it was so obedient, it didn't make any sense at all. He liked Ji Tian Zhengchen more than the Dragon Peak Emperor. Longzhifeng Teijin really just finished the script set by Linya, and followed his ideas one step at a time. Step collapse, hateful and sad. Some other characters, sister Bo Jiang's complaints are so sharp, I like her very much. Aoba is different from the official minister. He is really bad. He is stronger than Teijin. Teach the underworld. The van quartet feels like the difference between adults and children. After adults have mature values, they are rarely affected, unlike the middle school students who are easily shaken. Then there are some other superfluous characters with too many settings but not well-played. The non-main characters are too rich in settings, which are actually cumbersome and redundant on the whole, meaningless. Many people said that after watching the first few episodes, they were at a loss and couldn't watch it. In fact, this is a problem of the author's own narrative style, not the audience's problem. There is no problem with multiple perspectives, but he has too many perspectives. The purpose of opening multiple perspectives is to let people see different aspects, different views of different people, and express some of their own views. But this work is particularly lacking in the emotional aspect. Every character seems to be pushed by the author to execute this, execute that, and rush to the next scene, so it is said to be "a dazzling work by a dull science student. ". The author's perspective of God can of course easily mobilize different lines of action and make everything seem to move meticulously, but this is actually meaningless to the audience. These multiple perspectives are actually narrating the same thing, and the audience is of course impatient to watch the same thing over and over again. The first few episodes were really persuaded to quit. In addition, in terms of character description, it is also a point to persuade people to quit. We have seen obvious improvements in these two points in the later work, but on the other hand, it has lost its original characteristics. I was thinking that maybe we shouldn't open so many perspectives at the beginning. I really can't give up and move this step to a later position. At that time, the audience has a certain degree of familiarity with the characters and a certain degree of mastery of the plot. The effect should be will be better. There is also the repeated narration from multiple perspectives. It is not necessary for everyone to read from the same starting point. In fact, A can start from the starting point, and B can read from 3/4 to 1 and 1/4. Will it be better? I don't quite understand why Saijie influences Teijin. The meaning of watching the anime seems to be that the appearance of Saijie made Teijin full of fantasy about urban legends, and at the end of the anime, he expressed his hope that the Colorless Gang would become an urban legend-like existence. In fact, I can't understand, I can't understand in various aspects. The Colorless Gang was formed by Teijin before meeting Sister Sai. The purpose is, there is no fucking purpose, he just wants to be an unruly gang. Pie tried it, and he didn't think about what he was going to do after that. After I finished, my anger came up again, the pig head of the emperor of Longzhifeng! And finally, did he want to disband the Colorless Gang? Pig head? You disbanded, and Qingye took over immediately, but he became smarter again. I think he didn't really want to disband, maybe he wanted to clear it up. What does that have to do with urban legends and Sister Sai? Brother is not in Jianghu, but are all Jianghu legends? The ending was inexplicable, and finally the roof collapsed. I thought he finally became strong. He fired a fucking shot at his friend, and felt regretful and wanted to commit suicide. No, what do you mean? I really can't understand the sudden change of the mother, so why did you provoke the underworld before? Don't you want the Colorless Gang to disappear? So do you want to be the boss? I really can't understand it. If I have to convince myself, it is that Teijin does not have much of his own will in his original actions, so logical confusion is a natural phenomenon. Fine. All in all, I think it's a bit of an overstatement to call "The Headless Horseman's Story" a masterpiece, and I'll take a look at it in a few years when I'm more mature, and maybe I'll have a different opinion at that time.

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