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About Ikebukuro, I learned about Ikebukuro after watching "Ikebukuro West Exit Park". This place does not have the nobility of Ginza, the fashion of Shibuya, and the subculture of Shinjuku. On the contrary, it is a place of sensuality and sensuality. The bustling young people and gangs of thugs on the streets are the hallmarks of this place, as if it were not a fast-paced corner of Tokyo, but an abode stuffed with alcohol and laziness. In the eyes of the older generation of Japanese, Ikebukuro is a third-rate prosperous area, and the symbol of Ikebukuro, the 60-story Sunshine City, is also built on the former site of Sugamo Prison (a prison for war criminals after World War II). There is an inexplicable subtlety. But no matter what, Ikebukuro is Ikebukuro, and you can't find such a temperament anywhere else, and you can't replicate the essence of it. The so-called Ikebukuro spirit is vague and ethereal, but firmly imprinted in the hearts of everyone living in Ikebukuro. Tokyo is a huge devil's den, and Ikebukuro is a place where evil spirits are teeming -

[Monster Obsession]
A person who can have a name like Dragon Peak Teijin that only exists in the fantasy world is obviously no longer in the ranks of ordinary people. Although Teijin himself is not conscious, he just thinks he is a 15-year-old boy who has never been to the city or traveled far, likes to wander in the online world, and is confused about his youth and future. But when he first saw the figure of the Headless Horseman passing by in front of him, the eagerness that surged in his heart marked that the boy as the protagonist was destined to have a high school career full of demons. A young man who left his hometown and came to the city just to see those mysterious and extraordinary things, a young man who was very obsessed with monsters, a young man who created the most mysterious legend of Ikebukuro on a whim, Teijin, a mild middle school, second and high school student, How can it be a good man and a woman?

【Running General】
As a young man living in Ikebukuro, Kita Masaki is a standard Ikebukuro style. The mentality of the game world, laughter and fraternity, both black and white are known, and the bravery is no match for the girl. It seems that Zhengchen is the kind of noisy child who loves to play, make trouble, make his teacher's head hurt, and let his friends support his forehead. But he is an existence that makes Teijin yearn for, living in a big city, seeing all kinds of novel and interesting things, interacting with all kinds of people, and unabashedly publicizing his personality. Zhengchen has that part of the trait that Teijin lacks, and that's why he becomes Teijin's best friend. However, there is a beast in the heart of Zhengchen that the emperor did not notice. The more afraid he wanted to escape, the more he was pulled back to the center of the whirlpool.

[Enchanting and Superior]
Zhe Yuan Linye is a very evil person. The evil is not his ability to know the world, nor is it his words that he can jump off a building in three or two times, but his attitude towards the word "life is at stake". When someone else's life and death can be controlled at will, and one's own life can be held firmly in their hands, a person will inevitably have a chaotic mind. Lin also has no intention of anti-humanity. Just out of interest, he has become the biggest intelligence dealer in Ikebukuro. Just out of interest, he organized mass suicide activities. Just out of interest, he played with those who tried to seek death and hesitated. The man... However, he is a complete atheist, more afraid of death than anyone else. So no matter what the situation is, he will hide deep, haunt you, and stab you in places you don't know about. He'll jump up in front of you when you're bleeding, tell you the harsher truth, and get the satisfaction of watching you die with a twisted face.

[Force Chariot]
A person with overwhelming power will instinctively feel terror, as if it is violence clothed in clothes, as if he lives purely by violence, no, his whole person is violence. Although Shizuo Heiwajima is not a messenger of justice, he does not sacrifice his life for the devil. He collects debts for people just to make a living, and only throws the vending machine because he is angry, and he also appears in the radar range when he senses the arrival. When inside, it will go wild. Most of the time, he was a quiet man in a bartender suit. His noise, his strange power, and his title of "Ikebukuro's Strongest" are nothing but the hideous appearance of the monster. After taking off this coat, all that is left is simplicity and the feeling of wanting to protect my younger brother.

【Love out of control】
The secret doctor in Ikebukuro is a shady profession, and he does not need any medical ethics to save lives. Money can make ghosts run the mill, and money can make this handsome doctor change his head. It's not that Silla is infatuated with money, it's just that he fell in love with a body without a head, and a goblin who is immortal and immortal. Silla was afraid that one day the Headless Horseman would disappear from his face when he found his head, so he continued to remain silent even if he knew where the head was. Because I love her, I have to deceive her; because I love her, I have to monopolize her; because I love her, I have been obsessed with her for twenty years without leaving her. That first love was probably planted 20 years ago when the scalpel, which was still unsteady, was cut on the flawless white carcass for the first time. Twenty years can make a small tree grow to the sky, and naturally a love can burn crazy.

[Forbidden impermanence]
She loves him, even if he is her own brother. This love does not need to be reciprocated. As a sister, her giving is justified, and his acceptance should be obligatory. Only in this way can he ensure that he will always rely on her.
He loved her, even if she was just a head. This love doesn't have to be reciprocated. As a man, his giving is a matter of course, and her acceptance can only be submissive. Only in this way can she guarantee that she will never leave him.
This pair of siblings were born for love, and finally went mad for love. If there is any obstacle that dares to stop them from realizing the love in their hearts, whether it is a human being or a god, they will all be killed.

【Urban Fairy】
Celty Strullson, the Irish headless horseman who was afraid of aliens, traveled across the ocean to Japan in search of a lost head, neither language nor terroir. I can only live in the accommodation provided by Kishitani and his son, and wander aimlessly while learning everything about Japan. For twenty years, she found that she had fallen in love with that way of life. She liked to ride a dark motorcycle on the streets of Ikebukuro, and she liked to use the black mist to turn into a huge sickle to shock and beat those who were hostile to her. The Headless Horseman is just a goblin who announces death, not a god of death who forcibly takes away his soul. So Celty won't take people's lives, and will even try to save them. Most of the time, she would think about the difference between the values ​​of human beings and the values ​​of the Headless Horseman, until she realized that she began to treat Kishitani Shilla as a heterosexual, and then she knew that the Headless Horseman would also love like a human being. In the end, whether he stayed in Ikebukuro for the sake of the head or the sake of Shilla, Celty himself didn't know why. It's just that you can't kiss your loved one, and this love becomes uniquely tragic.

[Disaster Riot]
There are many, many more evil spirits in Ikebukuro, from walking up to the seventh or eighth floor of the Russian black Saimen and still being able to take Shizuo's wrathful fist with empty hands; to the otaku Yumasaki who seems to be harmless to humans and animals Walker and otaku Erika Karizawa bought ten copies of the same volume of Dengeki Bunko novels at a time. In addition to reading, collecting, lending, and showing off, they can also be used as props for torture and extortion of confessions; there is also a radio girl Mika Harama stalking, secretly infiltrating, After completing the training in his brain, he became pure and innocent, and he did not hesitate to change his face for love, even if the man he loved once almost killed her...
The extraordinary stories intertwined by these abnormal humans have become the thrilling legend of Ikebukuro, this legend is called "" The tale of the headless horseman"

Ikebukuro, a prosperous street extending from east to west, has a large-scale happy street in the north. It is said that the flow of people exceeds one million a day. Ikebukuro, people are eager to change and come here, but change is not so easy to happen, even if you change the location, there may still be the same old self. In Ikebukuro, sometimes people disappear from the city, and sometimes there are people desperately looking for her. Ikebukuro, sometimes, it will give you a small gift, this small gift, maybe a big miracle, an adventure once expected, and the possibility to start a new story. However, there are also cases where there is no development. Ikebukuro, it is full of strangers, who are looking for and pursuing talents who come here, eager to change what they come here. But in the end, they fell in love with it in unison.

Ikebukuro, the monster is so cute.

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