Spoiler limericks, first-timers beware

Katrine 2022-07-15 19:02:26

As of chapter 18, the small feeling of watching the film has been declared as a spoiler, and the children's shoes that are clicked in are responsible for themselves.

In fact, this film is just about a city, just about some people in the city, just a distorted city and some everyday people.

In this city -

Guo Shi Wushuang Jingxiong Sang, cold-eyed layout Lin Yejiang;
underground surgeon Silla doctor, headless royal wife Selti;
house rot invincible wandering hunting love, normal human Oda Tian;
twisted care sister Bo Jiang, paranoid possession The second brother of Cheng;
the dark memory depends on the sand tree, and the selfless devotion is Zhang Jian; the
street violent vending machine, the strongest weapon ballpoint pen;
the judge of the electric shock library, the supernatural power of the Internet;
the sushi needs to eat Lucia, and the team needs to join the monochromatic gang;
The trio of demon swords at the head of the regiment, the above Ikebukuro strange news.

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