We are all ordinary people, but we are not ordinary.

Nat 2022-11-07 18:44:00

We are all ordinary people, but we are not ordinary.

When our family is not the typical warm and beautiful family seen on TV, it does not make you extraordinary, nor does it make you any hatred, because what you see with your eyes is not all, nor in the world As many bad guys as you can imagine.

Everyone lives with at least one secret. In the world and in the city, we are all independent individuals. We can touch it when we reach out our hands, and we have nothing to do with each other. The world is what we create. In idealism, if we close our eyes, the world does not exist.

People who hurt others just to defeat someone, people who use violence constantly because they are cowardly, people who are trapped today because of cowardice in the past, people who become one with the demon sword because they want to be loved, people who want to be extraordinary The person who created an extraordinary group by living his life, the person who is obsessed with the Headless Horseman, the person who wants to get back his head and his memories but learns something more in the process.
——Those people and lives that seem so unreal are actually different from us.

Who of us doesn't want to beat someone, who's not timid, who's not cowardly, who's not eager to be loved, who's not wanting an ordinary life, who's not obsessed with someone, who's not always looking for what we think Very important things, but constantly discovering new things along the way.

We are all using our hands to build our own life bit by bit. Others have influenced our decision, but after a decision is made, we still use our hands to achieve this decision, right?

We all long for such a free and exciting life, but who of us is willing to give up the present comfort?

Recently, I have been thinking of a saying that
if you want to get something, you must first make sacrifices.
So on the other hand,
if you make some sacrifices, you actually get something.

Cities and the world do not change face by themselves,
only through human hands.

We are all ordinary people, but we are not ordinary.
Live an ordinary life, yet extraordinary.

In the second dimension,
the moment when I saw that XX was the leader of dollars was really a historic moment!

When the intricate strands were gradually woven together,
the overwhelming surprise and splendor were truly unparalleled.

I watched the remaining 10 episodes in one fell swoop tonight,
Sabi Sy! ! !

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