Violent couples come to each other to answer official ⑦ questions, cheers~\(≧▽≦)/~ la la la

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I would like to commemorate the audience who love violent young couples and look forward to your wonderful performances in the next season.

Question 1: What do you think about the other party?

Lin Ye: Huh? I have nothing to say about Xiaojing, because I hate Xiaojing the most. Although I like humans the most. Why hate him? Because he is so out of the ordinary. Usually it is basically a single cell, but sometimes it is unexpectedly sharp, which is really disturbing. Really, why don't you just die soon.
Shizuo: First, let's call that guy a flea, and then talk to me. I don't know anything about him and I don't want to. Don't let me mention him! ! Thinking of him made me mad. Listen to me, I hate that guy the most!

Question 2: What do you like about the other person if you have to say it?

Lin Ye: What do you like about Xiaojing if you have to say it? I've said so many times that I hate him and hate him, so what? Do you have to say it? If I have to say it... Occasionally, really only occasionally, he will provide me with some entertainment. Ah, of course he didn't plan on that, but it's fun to make fun of him. Well, but this is life-threatening. Although I am not loved by Xiaojing, of course it is very troublesome to be loved by him, I respect and thank you, but the accidental events caused by the single-celled Xiaojing, I hope these events can love me more.
Shizuo: What do you like about Linya? Are you not listening to me, or are you not understanding what I'm saying? If 1% of the fleas were worthy of my trust, we wouldn't be in this relationship! What? Do you have to say it? It's annoying to have to say it, I said no! He has always been alone, with no companions, but he enjoys making troubles and implicated others, which makes me the most angry. No idea what he was thinking. Hmm, although I don't want to know.

Question 3: When did the relationship start to get so bad?

Lin Ye: When did the relationship become so bad? No, I don't think our relationship has gotten worse. Because the so-called "deteriorating relationship" means that there was a time when the relationship was good, right? We neither studied together nor discussed comics together, nor did we have a heated duel in Game Center. Kill, pull, deceive and frame. ah? good relationship? Really think in the direction you like, Reporter-san. Don't say such things in front of Xiaojing, of course, if you want to see his reaction, I won't stop you. By the way, Xiaojing is probably one of the toys I found in the pile of toys, a toy that I want to destroy and play with for a long time.
Shizuo: When did the relationship become so bad? Do you think we had a good time? The moment we met for the first time, I was slashed with a knife by him. I don't have the heart to become friends with such a person with a smile! Moreover, I tried so hard to live a peaceful life, but he pushed me into a life that was the complete opposite of peace, and was still smiling and watching from a high place. Ah, I forgot to say, I hate violence. This must be written in. Fighting and kicking each other, smashing things, uh-! ! I didn't say I hate violence. Made me use the violence I hate, that's why I hate that flea bastard to the death!

Question 4: The two are called Canines and Apes, so do you think you are a dog or an ape?

Rinya: In the case of Inumonaka, I should be a dog. Picking up things and smashing people, Xiao Jing looks like an ape.
Shizuo: Inuno no Naka, I should be an ape. I don't like how loud it is.

Question 5: If a fight is serious, who will win?

Lin Ye: Who will win if we fight seriously? This question is a bit rude, as if we have always been merciful. Well, forget it. I have always been serious. Xiaojing Well... One-cell shouldn't be merciless or secretly reserved, it should be serious. But it's a shame to end this relationship, isn't it? So let's play slowly, but he sometimes runs wild.
Shizuo: Who will win if we fight seriously? I didn't fight him like that every time to test my strength, it's not a question of winning or losing at all. I have reasons for not forgiving him, and he also has reasons for being beaten by me, that's all. So as long as he comes to Ikebukuro, I will never let him go. I'm a genius at finding him and finding him, alas... that's not something to be proud of.

Question 6: Will you sneak attack while the other party is sleeping?

Lin Ye: To sneak attack? I? While Xiaojing was asleep? Ha ha ha ha. Can the attack succeed? He's a wild animal, so he's very sensitive. Although I have seen his sleeping face, the ordinary one is very cute. Although only 0.5 seconds had passed, blue veins appeared on his face. Ah, it might be because of me. By the way, it's also fun to do something while he's asleep and see how he reacts. For example, let him wake up and find himself lying naked on the 60th step road, or when he wakes up with a knife in hand, at the murder scene, etc. Ah, that seems like it would be fun. Speaking of which, that's interesting...
Shizuo: To sneak attack? I? While the flea slept? Ah, I know his place, so if you want to sneak attack, maybe... not. If he could show his flaws like a human, my relationship with him wouldn't be what it is now. Uh-! That rascal? See my sleeping face? That flea bastard, where did you see the moment when I fell asleep! Speaking of which, he is the best at doing this kind of thing, so that no one can find him hiding behind his back and peeping. I have suffered from him many times. So he has a reason to be crushed by me, and I will never spare him!

Question 7: Say a word to the other person at the end.

Lin Ye: The last sentence... Okay. Xiao Jing, are you in good spirits? You smashed me with a trash can a few days ago, I think you must be in good spirits. I really want you to die soon, but if you're going to live a little longer, try to be more human. If you can get closer to a human, I can fall in love with you even more... Maybe. Hahahaha...
Shizuo: The last sentence is really troublesome. Lin-ya-jun-, next time I come to Ikebukuro, I will beat you! I have warned you so many times. I'm not angry, I just want to pinch you to death. Don't be wordy, you will be beaten up for me, and die for me! !


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