A few rants about the film...

Patsy 2022-10-03 17:26:04

First of all, I declare that this article contains a spoiler... I often think now, what's the point of writing a spoiler article, not every work can still be interesting to watch even if you know the answer, this film belongs to the Knowing the type of answer would be better, saying too much reduces the interest (remind to those who don't want to be spoiled: it is best not to check Baidu Encyclopedia).

However, I can't help it... I already suffer from Tucao Syndrome, if I don't complain, I will die...!

First of all, it is our great Teijin classmate, who has a traditional appearance, a traditional sense of protagonist, a traditional tone of voice, and a "seemingly traditional" personality, but this guy is beyond my expectations, and he suddenly became the leader of a mysterious organization. , also starting from him, the theme of this film has become "Breaking news competition", all the seemingly ordinary characters have a lot of backgrounds, one is scarier than the other, the other is better than the other, and the three giants go to school and go shopping together ...but the Headless Horseman, who looked terrifying at first, is actually kind-hearted and harmless to humans and animals...

Teijin is called the "superficial protagonist" by the author, the reason is very simple, whether in novels or animations, Teijin is not the core Role. In fact, he may not be regarded as a "watch and protagonist", because he does not even play the role of promoting the plot like a policeman in a detective film.

If you want to say which character is the "watch and protagonist" who can promote the plot, it should be Orihara Rinya. The cause and development of all troublesome things are all caused by him, and only the ending is the key person involved in the trouble to solve it by himself.
A lot of nympho think this guy is "handsome" and "cool", but when I see it, I just think he's a second-rate, a second-rate... If you hate him, it's not too bad, it's just that whenever I see him When I came out, I had chills and tingles all over my body, and that cheap look and pretentious tone always made me feel as if his subtext was saying, "I'm so bad, I'm so bad, Hit me like a pig's head!" So when Simon finally gave her a panda eye, I couldn't help but slap the table: Well done!
It feels very cold and terrifying to me. Fortunately, although it is cold at night in my hometown, it will become hot again in the afternoon. This guy can temporarily act as an air conditioner.

Compared to Orihara, a man who pretends to be a forceful man, his nemesis Shizuo can give me a lot of goodwill. Of course, there are many characters I like in the film, such as Anri, and the group of four (to be precise, the leader Kaeda, and the cute girl Erika, but she is actually a rotten girl...).

The protagonist of this work is Celti, the headless knight. It should be said that the core character of the first half of the animated version is Celti (that is, the headless horseman), and the core of the second half is Anri (that is, the demon beheaded).

Personally, I think arranging a voice actor for Celti is a major failure of the animation version. It is not a question of whether Sawagi Miyuki plays well or not, but that this character does not need dubbing at all.
In the first few episodes of the animated version, when Celti was not dubbed, she gave people an inexplicable sense of mystery, exuding an indescribable charm, and because her lines had no voice, they could bring the audience unlimited imagination. In episode 2, when Celty comforted a girl who was about to jump off a building, she wrote "This world is not so cruel" on her mobile phone, which made people wonder what her tone would be like when she spoke. At this time, silence is better than sound, and Celti's words and deeds make people curious.
But later this character had a symbolic dubbing, and the character began to be clarified and stereotyped, letting people know that her tone of voice was like this, and there was no other possibility. As a result, instead of adding polish to the characters, the dubbing greatly reduced the hazy charm.

Of course, Celti itself is still quite funny and endearing, but I don't think the dubbing is necessary.

In other words, what I want to complain about the most is that the plot of this film looks very intense and there are many violent scenes, but in fact it is basically unattended! (Not counting the part of the characters' memories)

Overall, the animated version is still very interesting, especially the set is very delicate and beautiful, and it looks quite like a night city. In addition to the 24 episodes of the main film, there are also special episodes "Episode 12.5" and Episode 25. Judging from the plot setting, there should be a sequel in the future, at least Celti has not yet reunited with the head, and many plots in the novel version have not been adapted yet, so look forward to the follow-up works.

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