The leader is too bad and unconvincing

Samson 2022-10-04 09:38:36

There is a problem with the narrative technique, and there are too many characters and too many stories. Although each character is very full, but at the end, I didn't find it so awesome. Maybe the last few episodes are a little better, but it's just I used all the characters and clues, but I feel that there is still a problem with the story itself.
There is also the feeling that the two bosses in it are not credible. The boss of Dollars is the protagonist of this article. Except for talking on the Internet, he actually has no ability. As the sister of Yagiri Seiji said in the play, What can you do but depend on others. As the boss, the orders issued are not necessarily listened to, there is no actual leadership, just like there is no way to eradicate the bad guys inside, there is no cohesion, just a few incidents happened to get the help of some Dollars members. There is no sense of immersion and achievement.
Ji Tianzhengchen, the leader of the Yellow Turban Thieves, issued an order several times. Before his order, he did not allow his subordinates to act rashly, but it didn't work. His subordinates caused turmoil as usual. As a leader, he should have discovered the problem at this time. The thing is, he can't even tell which ones belong to his cronies and which ones are not. In the end, he always sees him sitting in the position of the boss, but his rights are indeed emptied. In the end, when a rebellion occurs, even his cronies are killed and injured. I don't know, if it wasn't for the help of
Oda and the others in the last scene, what could he have changed? It's unbearable, the storyline is slightly out of touch, and even if the story is more coherent at the end, it's still not so convincing.

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